Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get A Better Shape! .. and a NEW DIY Challenge

Who wants to be as fit as a fiddle? Are fiddles the epitome of healthiness?

Made this one the other day and unfortunately, it fits into something I heard about today. A friend of my daughter's was happy to have gotten a job .. but its for Vector Marketing .. aka cutco knives. her Facebook blew up with, "OMIGOD that is such a scam!" and "They fucked me over for a good amount of money!" etc .. but you know 20 year olds! I remember being interviewed by them like 20 years ago and its pretty much the same sales pitch and the same demographic.

When I finally got into the room, they told me the basic layout, and I was like, " Point A .. how many friends and family members do you think I have? Point B .. Do you think I want to take up their time trying to sell them knives they are perfectly capable of buying elsewhere? and they are all going to end up on a mass marketing mailing list, aren't they?" I'm not sure they had ever had a long haired guy show up and understand the scam so quickly (this was pre-internet for most people unless they had AOL but even then they were sort of well known as being a rip-off.) I got a vague, "Well if you work hard here, blah blah blah and I just said, "No thanks. This definitely isn't for me." and walked out. I hope she doesn't get too screwed.

Anyway, I created the caption as something I could use as a header for the next DIY Challenge. So it definitely wasn't for someone in particular, but more of a "it's New Year's so how long will it take for your resolution to fall apart?!" We all have the best intentions, right? So I just used that idea to make a cute little caption that hopefully gives people a chuckle.

So onward to the first DIY Challenge of 2015! It is hopefully not a hard one nor a layup, but something in between. Someone may have used this picture in a caption before, but it should be new to most of us! The deadline is January 31st at midnight PST.

This is the CD that I usually listen to while on the stationary bike part of my workout, before I work on specific target areas on the body. I usually do 20-25 minutes on the bike, so it synchs up with the first six songs. Hearing about all the different ways you can die can really get you to pump out that last mile! It definitely gets the heart rate going. Use it if you want! How many other cartoon bands get your aggression out like Dethklok?!?


  1. i have stopped making new year resolutions always the same ones, exercise more, stop smoking or a least stop smoking while exercising.

    1. It is like me for Lent. Usually if people ask me what I'm giving up, I say "Sobriety!"

  2. Lovely cap.
    I must admit, I haven't worked out in quite a while, but if I got a body like that, I would start right away:p
    Even when I still worked out, I never understood the charm of a stationary bike. But that me be due to the fact that I chose a place to work out that was a 30 minute bike ride away from my home, even though I have several places I could go to at 5 minutes.
    I hadn't heard of Dethklok before, but I'll get into it a bit more, as well as the series Metalocalypse. Seems like fun.

    I already have an idea for this DIY, a short one, but still.

    1. Well, for one, its a good way to get the cardio up before doing lifting, and two, I live in a slummy city so if I rode a real bike, I'd probably get mugged and the bike would get stolen!

  3. My New Year's resolution was to wear pantyhose as often as possible. We're 16 days in and so far I'm on my 9th day in hose. Now only if I didn't have to conceal them under my pants when I walked out the door :(