Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elise and Bobbi Crash the Sorority Party!

.. or does the party crash them?

Made this caption for Pantyhosegurl, with an assist to Elise, as she was comment #3475, which was the next comment reward # so I figured she'd fit in well with this idea I had. I know its a standard picture, and perhaps others have even used it before, but when I saw it, I noticed the lack of touching in the groin area .. almost like a, "leave room for the Holy Ghost" type of dance pose.

I wondered why they would hug like that, other than the obvious thought that they were touching each other's asses. Women are usually good huggers, giving a good effort, especially to those they know really well. the plot came out of that question, and how I would answer it. From there it took off a bit, and perhaps went bounding way beyond where I started. I could have written a few more paragraphs easily, but started running out of space towards the end, so I had to consolidate a few ideas into one. Am I completely happy with this one? Nah. I love the middle section the most, though perhaps I'm giving the whole caption short shrift, since its already gotten 3 comments on the Haven.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would YOU rewrite this caption? Lets say the caption ended without the last 2 paragraphs. How would YOU finish it up? If it sounds good, perhaps I'll post the results here in the post itself. I have no problem with remixing this with another collaborator. Or just leave a comment on whether you like it as it is already.


  1. Ohmygod! I recently found that picture and said I have to caption myself in it with someone! You beat me to it with a fabulous story that pushes so many of my buttons: sexy brunette in nice clothes and hose going out in public for a good time with the guys and girls.

    As far as how I would finish it up, well, a diva doesn't kiss and tell, so let's just say that the people in the sorority got their wish!!
    Ciao! Elise

    1. So glad you liked it! I was 50/50 about it until I saw a few comments in your folder on the Haven.

      Glad I could push some buttons!

    2. I've wanted to create a followup cap for you for this fantastic piece, and I finally got around to doing it. I didn't know how to email it to you, so I posted it for you at the Haven.
      Ciao! Elise

  2. love the caption as it is but heres an alternatine.
    (frm touch weiners together)
    now i wonder why two young freshmen would go to so much trouble to crash our pledge?
    Are they two sissies who want to join a soroity and live as women for thier next four years at colledge?
    or would they be two frat pledges on a hazing trial looking to get photos of our naked partying and initiation?
    if its the first then i am sure we would be happy to have two house sissy to cook and clean in
    return for our guidence on becoming female.
    if its the second,well thats very serious, we would have to get the dean and the police involved. I bet those young freshman would be arrested and explelled and would never get into any college again.
    So which is it going to be?

  3. OH, I love trigger words! I wish I had one! Amazing cap once again Dee! You are the Queen of matching text to photo! Queen of captions in my opinion. I wish my captions held a candle to yours.

    (I deleted my first comment because I spelled a word wrong....sorry.)

    1. No problem. I took care of the deleted comment.

      Thank you for giving me Queendom! My first act as Queen will be to sing, Fat Bottomed Girls and We are the Champions!