Monday, January 12, 2015

Cat Calls Can Lead you A-Stray!

Who doesn't love a good pun in the title? OK OK, put your hands down everyone!

Made this one for Stormy, as part of my resolution to make new captions for some of the long time members of the Haven that I haven't captioned for awhile. I really liked the picture when I found it, and wanted to make a caption so I made a setting and let it sit for a few moments while I puzzled with how to work with it. I knew it had to be a street setting, and that the blown kiss would have to factor in with the story line, but didn't have, "blow me a kiss, Sissy PERSON!" as I'd already done that, perhaps even more than once!

Well, what if the blown kiss set the transformational magic into effect? That would work, but who wants a caption where you don't see yourself being changed? VIOLA! She's "paying the magic forward!" or at the very least, scaring the hell out of the guy that was hitting on her. Once I had that worked out, it was off to the races, and did I have fun writing up the dialog? As Sarah Palin would say, "You Betcha!" I can pretty much hear Ashley talking with with a Brooklyn accent, both as a female and male and it's amusing to think that her dialog would come out of that beauty's mouth. God how I love making TG captions! If you can't have fun doing this, just give it up and walk away!

Back in a day or two with more stuff. Might even have the next DIY Challenge!


  1. OK, I love a good pun. And a good cap, like this one. It reminds me of the Steven King story "Thinner".

    I do have to admit, if I took the time and effort to look that good, I would LOVE to hear the cat calls and wolf whistles!
    Ciao! Elise

    1. Cute, fun cap Dee

      I have to say Elise, it doesn't remind me of "Thinner". Maybe because it is a long time ago I read it. King hadn't even come forward to admit Richard Bachman was a pseudonym of his, although the rumors about that already existed.
      I do agree with you however on the other part. Although I might feel embarresed as well, I would probably love the cat calls and wolf whistles if I made the effort to look that good.

    2. Hi Helena,
      I read "Thinner" soo long ago but I though I remember the plot was: a man hits a witch with his car, she whispers "thinner" to him as payback ad his body starts to waste away. I though of that here because the woman, instaed of getting mad, blows him a kiss and leaves him to deal with her eventual punishment.

      Anyways, I think we can both agree on the fact that Dee makes awesome caps that provoke a lot of thought and discussion.
      Ciao! Elise