It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hunger Pains Are MUCH Easier to Deal With!

I know a bunch of people that are going to rush on over to the buffet table!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Watching the Seattle-Carolina game right now, and the Panthers are giving Seattle a tougher time than I thought they would (Scratch that! As I was posting this, the 'Hawks scored 2 touchdowns in like 3 minutes!) Of course, the Patriots came through, while still giving us fans a few panic attacks. Got another two great games on tap for Sunday, so this truly is the best weekend in the NFL, regardless of how the referees are calling it!

I made this one for Feargas, who likes pregnancy captions. I was looking through various sites looking for a good pregnant model and saw this picture. The setting made me think of, "Eating for two!" and then it was off to the races. The thing was though, I didn't have much to tie it together. The way I had it thought up was way too one note for my liking. I held on to it for a few days and ruminated on how to make it better. My new vehicle has a CD player, so I've been burning a ton of discs for the car, and one of them was a compilation of Faith No More songs, in anticipation of the first new music in over 15 years. They do a great job of covers, and "I Started a Joke" was playing in my head while I creating the CD. I thought that it'd make a great framing device, since the words in the verse invert themselves, and I think it really drives the narrative forward and ties it all into a bow.

I guess the lesson here is that if you aren't totally happy with a caption, sometimes sitting on it for a bit can help you in the long run. Worst case scenario is that it'll stay the same and they'll get it a few days after you created it. In my opinion, I am much happier with the final product now.

If you look to the left side, I've added a few TG Caption blogs to the 'Dee-generate Bloggers' listing and removed a few that have been shut down. I thought it was time to shake it up. If you think there should be a blog or two I've missed, let me know. I do want to mention that I liked a few I didn't add, because the captions were very "ONE HUGE PARAGRAPH" and that makes them hard to read. After browsing one or two, I had had enough. Just formatting them with breaks can make a difference, otherwise its a big glut of words and it can make it hard to focus.


  1. Lovely caption.

    It will, of course, come as no surprise that I like the Pet Shop Boys cover of the song.

    1. I'll have to hunt it down, although I already have a good idea of how it'll sound!

      Hmmm, was bit different than I expected. Tennant's voice was pretty strong and reminiscent of Robin Gibbs, but the music really didn't have the tension between the verse and the chorus that the Bee Gees (or some of the other bands) have in their versions.

      God, that Wallflowers version was HORRID! Angela Zheng did a pretty decent cover of the song as well.

  2. Wonderfull cap, and the lyrics tie it together perfectly.
    I guess captions are like food, some take more time to prepare to get a good result than others, and some are like an all you can eat buffet, and others are like haute cuisine.

    I can only agree with you that Faith No More do great covers, because of this BeeGees cover I started to actually listen to the BeeGees. Before that I heard them a lot, but never really sat down to listen to them, and while I am still no big fan if their later work, I was surprised of how much I liked their earlier work.
    Still, given the choice, I rather listen to Faith No More.

    1. Reading it again, the song lyrics really do make the caption, as both a framing device, and as a reminder of what he had done.

      And yes, I tend to make more "Fast Food" style captions but this one needed to simmer a bit before I could serve it!

  3. Nice cap Dee! I like that you added the subtext of the other couple to it. It really brings a more full feeling to it.

    I cheated a little on the song as I didn't recognize the lyrics, so I looked them up before reading your write up. Found a video of the Bee Gees original and like it. I was surprised that I didn't enjoy the Faith No More version better as I do like the band. A big thank you to Joanna though as I now adore the Pet Shop Boys version! BTW, the Wallflowers and Puddles Pity Party versions are only so-so.

    1. My mom was a big fan of the early music from the Bee Gees, like before disco took hold. Back then, they were known for "weepy" songs that were pretty "Goth" lyrically, filled with people dying, trapped in mining disasters and such, though the music was pretty soft. I think the band Bread was even heavier than the Bee Gees at one point!

      The Faith No More version is pretty faithful to the original, especially the studio version. The Bee Gees, being brothers, have a harmony that no one else can match, so I can see why you'd like the original better. Having heard the original so much, I find the vocals way too whiny, like Luke Skywalker wanting to go to Toshi Station whiny!

  4. This was a great cap, Dee. Thanks again for making it! :)

    1. So glad you liked it, and I hope the wait was worth it!

      Just reading the post again and I had mentioned the refs, and that was BEFORE the whole Dez Bryant catch/no catch issue! Those poor refs, making it harder on themselves every week!