Monday, December 1, 2014

"Dreams Are Merely Seeds in the Garden of Our Mind."

"What grows there is up to the person that nourished them!"

or so says me, Goddess Dementia! Since I made the caption, I get to say the wise words around here!

Anyway, I wrote this caption for KarenSue as an exercise in writing smut with a deeper underlying metaphor in there somewhere. I am wondering if my fear of commitment reared its ugly head through this caption or what have you, but it could be a definitely interesting case study on whether there are subtexts underneath what is an interesting TG caption.

At the very least, if you wish to take it literal, you have a demonic entity taking charge over her formerly male husband, and converting him night after night with building blocks that will make him female. In a way, its probably a good idea to give someone a background and foundation to memories and such that they can call upon to cope with their current life situation after a gender change.

Then again, it could be a sort of inception level experience folding back upon itself somehow, where pieces of what he dreams are real, and his 'actual life' is more of a fantasy concocted as a way to escape his everyday existence.

I don't think there is necessarily a right and wrong answer. I don't have any perspective on it due to me just creating it about an hour ago. What does this caption say to you? Please let me know!

We are about a week away from his assassination, but what a legacy that John Lennon left, and I wonder what the world would be like if he hadn't been killed. A man that preached peace through music, and we could certainly use more of that in this world. I was young when this song came out, or even when he died for that matter, but I used to play the 45 often. I had no idea of what Lennon stood for at the time, but he was about as anti-bullshit as a famous person could be. We definitely need more gardeners like him.


  1. I love caps involving dreaming, since I have vivid dreams myself to a point where I actually phisically feel what happens to me in a dream, sometimes these dreams evolve into lucid dreaming. It's hard to explain what it means to people who barely remember their dreams what that is like. Sometimes when I'm aware that I'm dreaming I still am only along for the ride, and sometimes I can influence the way the dream is going.

    Shemale succubi, an interesting thought, as sucuubi are said to be female demons, seducing males, and incubi are said to be male demons, seducing females, it would be interesting to have an intersexed demon. Hmm...Now I'm suddenly thinking of Bailey Jay.

    I can only agree with what you said about about John Lennon. 34 years already since he was brutally taken from this world. I was in my early teens then, but I remember it as something that shocked the world.

    1. Bailey Jay would make a great TG demoness! With dreams too, I wonder if there is a story to be written along the lines of Nightmare on Elm Street where instead of dying in your dreams, if the Dream Master could change you somehow in your sleep, you became like that in real life. I think it might be worse to actually live out a bad dream than just dying from Freddy.

  2. Okay, I'll admit it. I would love for this to happen to me. Love it!



    1. I can only imagine what sort of mischief she could cause if the cheerleader had that sort of power!

      I'd love to be at one of THOSE cocktail/fancy dress parties!

  3. Great on all counts. The dreamscape is something that is very hard to determine. Did it actually happen. I think it did, a heap of experince percived to be dreams allow reality to blur. Thus, when the change happens "Karen" is none the wiser. Although, how then does his wife become the scubbucus of the dream. Still, this is great. Love. The subconscious degeneration. After that, who wouldn't have a favorite pair of tights