Sunday, December 21, 2014

Katie Mills and the Christmas Wish

A wish spoken to Santa should always be a wish granted.

Made this one for Katie Mills a few weeks ago for the 25 Captions of Christmas that Terri runs on the Haven for quite a few years now. I knew I wanted to make one for Katie as she's had a bit of a rough year, and any time I can offer some encouragement. I will do so.

As I wrote in the post itself:
Once I get my minions to help take over the Hallmark Channel, this will be the first Christmas Special that I will produce.
I had been watching a few Christmas specials, so of course I had one playing in my head as I found the source photo. For me, this might be the Haven version I would like to see. A bit of heart, a bit of humor, and a happy ending on Christmas morning.

I hope you enjoy this, and if you could do so, try to donate some help to someone that could use it here at Katie Mill's blog. Here is what she wrote about a month ago:.
So I feel I should explain my situation better before I continue. I am sick, plain and simple. And unfortunately I lost my job. I am using all and every resource I have to stay afloat. And at times its trying. Believe me, I am not trying to make a sad story for you. The donations will go to help me through a tough time. So the donations will be used by me for myself and my family. 
At first I thought about making a paid membership site and making short films and such. But I enjoy capping and doing it for free. Compounded, making a site takes money and I unfortunately hit the end of my rope. So talking to another friend, she told me about a fundraiser site. I looked into it and am happy to say its safe and easy.It is completely discrete and no one sees your information. It is safe to use and your donations go directly to me. I promise that no one gets your identity or your information. I don't get to see it either. Just a donation! 
I appreciate you all for reading this, and if you find it to hard to do or afraid to put yourself out there I completely understand. And if you are on hard times as well then I hope it gets better for you. I hope you are all healthy and happy.
There are two ways you can help. One is to donate straight to her by clicking here for her on GoFundMe. Another way is to head to her blog and purchase a short story she created and published online which you can find at THIS LINK which is called, "Magical Nylons:A TG Transformation Tale" which is only 2.99 on Amazon. This way, you get a story and support Patrick/Katie when she needs some help ... some real help. If you like pantyhose/tights .. you can't do much better than this!

This is a great Christmas special that you'll never be able to see on TV or even DVD anymore, since The Muppets are owned by Disney, Sesame St. characters are owned by the Children's Television Workshop, and I think perhaps HBO owns the Fraggles? Please enjoy this as I think its a perfect mix of humor and heart. Hell, watch it JUST for the Swedish Chef trying to prepare Big Bird for the Christmas Dinner! I won't spoil the ending, but its worth it if you are a huge Henson fan.

I'll be back again Monday night.


  1. Wow Dee, again words are at a loss. Thank you from my heart to yours. People like yourself make this a wonderful community to belong to. We all have our share of problems but for a large group of people who never met one another we care about each other an awful lot. We share our happiest moments with each other and our lowest. We lean on each other when we need a little extra strength and we encourage each other when someone needs it.
    This year has been tough, and like any bad situation, we deal with it. But with an end to a rough year comes a new year right behind it.

    A new year is magical all in itself. Even more so when you're coming off a bad one. I believe a new year is like a book. We have 365 days and those days are blank pages. We get a chance to fill those pages with our story. We get a chance to write our book. Sure we may not be in complete control of the punches life throws at us. But we are in control on how we respond. So write a great story, and make it a good one.

    Dee, this cap is wonderful. It actually brought a tear or two to my eyes. I loved it and am even happier to be part of our communities holiday celebration. And thank you for being a part of my celebration and my friend. :)

    Katie Mills

    1. I do what I can, and I always root for the underdog to come out on top!

      I like your new year/book analogy too!


  2. yes, Dee, that's beautiful!!!


    1. Ha! Memory of this cap popped into my head today. I wasn't sure I remembered either the year or whose site but I did! I'm glad I found it again. I am as happy to see it now as I was almost 6 years ago!


    2. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention again. I like it just as much now as I did back then. I also think about Katie Mills and what she's been up to .. as she's been gone for quite a few years now. I'm hoping that she's OK.