Friday, December 19, 2014

Kaaren Doesn't Want to Hog All the Egg Nog!

It's a secret family recipe!

Well, shit! I forgot to post tonight, so I am whipping something together really quick! Made this one for Kaaren the other day, and its definitely weird. I saw the picture (its part of a set) and the story pretty much came right to me, and that it would be for Kaaren.

Its not exactly Christmas fare, but in the beginning it certainly DOES seem like a heartwarming story, doesn't it? If not the cockles of your heart, perhaps the sub-cockle area, or maybe further down. With enough rum, I think people could drink just about anything.

This caption does beg the question though of what would happen if he ended up consuming some DNA from another source? Would it change him/her? Will Kaaren continue to produce breast milk after her DNA stabilizes? Would her breast milk change others if say some other sissy like Leeanne decided to feed? Why don't you tell me below what you think would happen!


  1. LOL...Merry Christmas Dee! An early present...but I'm glad I opened it!!!!
    And I love the Liz Phair song too - but I guess anyone who reads my blogs could figure that out!!!!
    Thanks and kisses

    1. SO glad you liked it!

      I just saw the picture and said, "That's Kaaren drinking cum!" and the rest of the story came about as I was writing it.

  2. I'm not the least bit surprised that Kaaren likes that egg nog concoction. Not even a little bit.

    1. That was the whole reason I whipped up the caption in the first place!

      I've got one more "Christmas" caption coming for you as well. Not quite as sweet at the last one!

  3. Hi Dee. My first comment in ages. No dramas but had to sell laptop and still not been able to get a new one yet.
    have borrowed this one and have been catching up on two months of posts.
    Well hopefully can get back to normal(ish) now. Thanks for the shout out a few posts back. Iam looking forward to taking part and shock horror even some new captions.
    A happy Christmas to you .

    1. Well, glad you are at least somewhat back!

      Take your time and peruse the last two months of posts at your leisure. I don't plan on going anywhere!