Tuesday, December 9, 2014

C'mon in! The Water Is Fine If You Like It Cursed!

Those pesky Indian curses can be such a bother!

Made this one for Shauna Marie yesterday after seeing the source photo really pop off my screen and into my mind. The story line twist came to me just about immediately after I decided to throw it into a caption setting .. which originally I was going to do for a future DIY Challenge. That has happened to me again today, with another water setting actually! Perhaps it's the thought that its now getting colder, with much of the country now getting snow and freezing rain.

Pretty much the comment discussion on the Haven was centered on Shauna not only being a lifeguard, but buying the area outright so she could make a fortune having others return. My response to that was:
Well, if you remain looking around 18 years old, I'm guessing you WILL own the resort at some point. Weird that no one questioned WHY the guy's mother brought him to a resort that catered to girls/women much more than young boys. Did she perhaps know something about that area of the lake beforehand? For that matter, was Shauna previously a boy or a man that possibly knew the history of the area? Maybe he was an anthropologist? Sometimes these questions demand answers!
Did any of those questions come to your mind after reading the caption? To me, its something you'd catch upon reading it through another time or two, but it IS there underneath the surface.

Unfortunately I don't supply the answers, even though I had the questions running through my head as well. I'm not sure if she discovered being a girl is better over those 6 weeks, or if she wanted to be a woman beforehand. I don't have any back story on the character so its fun to speculate. I'm not even sure if she knew about the "legend" before she changed. Perhaps she had heard about it and figured it was bullshit and jumped in anyway, figuring that is was a special spot just for females to swim without being tormented by guys. Or after the change, she wondered why it happened and consulted a local historian that regaled her with the tale that led to her womanhood.

And all this is another reason why I love making TG captions. I write one up and it lets me explore the world I've created with greater detail using my imagination to escape from everyday life in the real world. It connects me with others that share my passion, and makes that "real world" just a little bit smaller and brings those people just a little bit closer, no matter how far the distance is measured in miles or years experienced on this blue-green marble revolving around the sun.

.. And get commenting again real soon! I have another number in mind to be reached for a free caption. I should be posting yet another of those "Free" captions for Helena soon since she keeps hitting those, "magic numbers". Also, does anyone know where Ian went? I haven't seen a comment from him on any blog in quite some time. Hoping its just been a busy season for him and that he'll be back soon to our community.


  1. Great cap. I have to admit though, I didn't ask myself any of these questions either.
    I did wonder however why only a part of the lake was cursed, and if that could be the reason why the curse is fading.
    I think you can imagine why I am commenting a little less lately, and I will make a small update about it somewhere tomorrow in my folder.

    I haven't seen Ian either lately, and I hope he has more positive reasons to be silent than I have. I would check his blog, but due to some computer problems (Yes, I reeaaly needed that as well) I lost all the links in my favourites, including the one to his blog, and somehow his "Man Made Woman" doesn't show up when I google it.
    I do hope you get more comments from others as well. You deserve it.

  2. Questions, questions. They don't really have answers that don't lead to more. That's the beauty of it. What I want to know is what the curse is tied to, the water or the bank. And is it thus transportable from one place to another. A fading curse getting washed away by rain, or a small current perhaps. . That's the beauty of our own imagination