Thursday, December 11, 2014

Miss Simone's Escort Service .. Luck Be a Lady Tonight?

Life on the Vegas Strip can often be a real drag!

Made this one the other day for Simone, and mostly because I miss her lately, and when I saw the picture, I had a pretty good idea of the plot and that she was starring in it. Can't really argue with the results, can I?

Not sure I have very much explaining to do on this one. The pose led me to the, "let it ride with me, Lady Luck" line and I filled in the details from there. That pose just had something to just draw you in, like an unveiling of something special, whether a pussy that could whistle "Dixie" or something she could unfurl and display like Old Glory.


  1. Interesting concept. Beautiful execution. But with that look, anyone would be surprised if Lady Luck wasnt a "lady"

  2. Wow, impressive!
    It makes me wonder what would I do in that situation, and would I become even more impressed.