Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pondering the Wit and Wisdom of T-Shirts!

Because my Karma ran over your Dogma!

Made this one as a quickie for Kaitlyn of Kaity's Fantabulous Captions fame. This goes back a bit, but at one point she was pretty well known for making (and receiving) many TG captions that featured sayings on the T-shirts worn by the models. As soon as I saw this picture, I said, "Kaitlyn's answer to the question was, "NOT ANYMORE!"

I couldn't just put THAT because the text would've been way too stretched out to cover the 900 pixels or such that was the height of the caption.  So I needed to flesh it out somewhat, and I looked at her outfit. TMI info coming right now .. I barely ever wear underwear .. mostly when working out for support and with a certain pair of dress pants for work that are somewhat baggy, and I don't wish to swing mightily all over the place. You HAVE to keep trimmed or there is going to come a time where pubes  (or even worse, skin!) will meet zipper and MOTHER OF PEARL INLAY it hurts!

I just went that route from personal experience, and since she wasn't wearing a bra either, I figured I could tie the caption all together with some sort of WOOD play on words. Mission accomplished. If it had been for someone that likes some humiliation in their captions, the ending would have been more like, "since she was certainly envious of the 2x4's that the real men were packing, as opposed to the splinter she used to keep under her tool belt." and perhaps mentioning something about her new pussy being a great stud finder.

Since today is Nation Cat Day, and we feed a few stray cats outside, I thought this was appropriate!

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  1. Stray Cats, love 'em. I'm not a great dancer unfortunately, but dancing to rockabilly was something I wasn't half bad at. There was a bit of a revival of that music in the early eighties, at least in this part of Europe.