Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Courtney & Claire in "Truth in Advertising!" .. and GWAR covering Pet Shop Boys!

That's what can happen if you try to welsh on a bet!

Made this one a few weeks ago, and originally I had thought about doing 2-3 versions with different results, but in the long run, I ran out of steam. Besides, I was trying to keep it within the bounds of Courtney's Clean Caps, as if I was submitting it there. Might as well pull up a bit short as opposed to going over the line. Just know that like most of my captions, there is that naughty twisted side laying underneath the surface!

At one point, this photo could possibly have been a DIY Challenge, but I think it mostly lends itself to cross dressing and sissy captions, and I'm not sure most of the regulars find that to be in their creative zone of comfort. Since the point of the DIY is to get people to make something, I erred on the side of caution and just made a caption myself.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Also, not sure if everyone has seen this video yet, but GWAR went onto AV Club, which is a division of The Onion, and did "West End Girls" originally by the Pet Shop Boys. It sounds pretty damn good, and at the end, they tacked on a version of "People Who Died" by Jim Carroll, with new words about friends of theirs who died, including Dimebag Darrell and of course Oderus Urungus. Its also the first time you really get to see new co-singer Vulvatron in action.

Either cut and paste or click on link. Its not up on Youtube yet.

What do you think Joanna? LOL


  1. I had not heard of this version of "West End Girls" and thus I am a poor fangirl. Nevertheless, it gets squee points, obviously, from the connection. But, also, many points from making the over-played song of my youth something new and different again. Even PSB themselves, with some rather good remixes, haven't quite made me sit up and pay attention to this track in the same way that GWAR just did. That's... actually a very good remix. I may have to download it.

    Also, the rave part of the caption is appealing to me, I've long felt that I missed my calling in the early '90s and ought to have been in the UK rave scene. More grunge rave than rave slut, but the point remains truth. And bets are always good for a caption. And your captions are always worth a look!

    Final, pernickity point: isn't it 'welch' on a bet rather than 'welsh'? The latter makes me think of sing-song accents and male voice choirs and rarebit and Snowdonia... :)

    Actually, no, final point - thank you for the shout out!

    1. Doh! I thought I had welch when I was typing it in, and guess what, I'm getting the underlined thing that says its not spelled correctly, which is probably why I changed it!

      Glad you liked the GWAR remake .. its funny, but in the chorus, the riff sounds like "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet. Wonder if those are the actual chords in the PSB's version.

  2. Love it Dee! Thanks. It's been a while since I went to a good rave. I also like that the model looks English and Claire is from England.

    1. To me, the picture screamed Claire so, of course, YOU had ot be in the caption prodding her on.

      I'm guessing whatever "music" coming through the ear buds is going to help you feminize him further!

  3. Great caption, glad to be in another of yours! Let's just hope Courtney doesn't go to overboard :p P.S the picture screaming me is porbably the nicest compliment i've had in a while, thanks!