Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alice in Underpants .. Down the Rabbit Hole!

I'm late! I'm late! Well, actually I am a day early for Halloween!

Made this caption for laceysliplover, because she's recently made some comments in captions I've made for others. That is always a good way to get my attention, by making meaningful comments on work I've done, whether its praise, talking about where you think the story goes from there, or just having fun and making a witty comment based on what I posted.

Went through her "You can caption me with these photos" folder, and I found one of Pattycake. I just adore her so I figured I could whip something up, especially with Halloween just around the corner! She likes to dress on purpose but not really be out in public, no real punishment or trapped scenarios (though pseudo trapped is ok, as per my caption for her ... The Groom Wore White? .. so I knew I could be playful but not evil.

I've done Alice in Wonderland themed captions before, so I try not to repeat myself too much, but I am sure there is only so much you can do, and hell, I am sure if *I* haven't used the "EAT ME, DRINK ME" type reference, I've seen many people do it, including for me.

But the point of making this had nothing really to do with being original, but to give him something to dream about, as I don't really remember if his wife knows about his desires. While its great to hear about positive reactions to dressing, like Leeanne and Kaaren with their spouses, many guys still only can have fun either in secret, or just dream about it due to their real life circumstances. In cases like this, I can only hope that what ever scenario I conjure up for them, they can flesh it out, and hopefully guide their escape in new and exciting ways.

For her part, Lacy did thank me for what I created:
Being able to celebrate Halloween and my anniversary with the opportunity to dress up as Alice and where a sexy petticoat and then a wonderful command from my Queen of Hearts, a fantasy come true. 
And isn't that why we are all here? Isn't that why most of the TG scene we inhabit embraces Halloween like no other holiday?

Not sure I will be posting on Halloween night, so I hope everyone reading this has an absolute blast and get to cavort in whatever frilly, sexy, or slutty costume you could get your hands on! Just don't eat too much candy!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you are going out on Halloween en femme, or did it for a costume party recently, let us know how it went!


  1. I truly adore your work dee! Not only do you make great captions but you spend the time thinking about the person who you make them for. As for this cap, it has a really nice tone to it,sexy fun and oh so cute. Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. You commented during my Trick of Treat celebration, but didn't post there. I appreciate your comment and if you'd like to get in on the treat, please leave a link to which caption on this blog you'd like to have me drop your name into so it'd be a caption for you.

  2. Who wouldn't like an Alice cap.
    Ever since I started reading captions I regret Halloween isn't a big thing over here, but maybe it will in the future.

  3. Thanks Dee, I really loved this caption. I guess it pays to respond to captions! Hope to share more.