Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Date Jitters!

When the player gets played, all bets are off!

Made this one for CynJyn, now known as Desiree on the Haven. I always thought that the best birth control protection I could get for my daughter would be to NOT have her be a girl on dates! She could never get pregnant if she was having sex as a guy. I can't tell you how many times I had fun thinking about the boys she would be dating turning into cute teenage girls that my daughter could put the moves on and turn the tables.

So anyway, that played out here in the caption. I thought that the smooth operator would start changing when he got inside the building, and slowly change as he made he way up to the apartment. From a bouquet of flowers when he started, to a single rose that she is carrying, and finally a lapel flower for the now male version of my daughter, wearing exactly what the old guy thought worked wonders on women. I guess HE really likes guys the way he used to be. Kind of an interesting juxtaposition I think.


  1. I love this one, a great idea. I wonder if he was a guy who uses a condom or well
    regret his old ways later?

    1. Never thought about that within being the realm of possibility. Then again, most kids are taught about condoms by the 3rd grade, so I"m not too sure I would have to worry about being a virtual grandfather!

  2. LOL, great cap. What would you do if your daugter wanted to remain a girl, even after you chanhed her boyfriend into a girl?
    And if your virtual daughter would get kids, wouldn't that make you a virtual granny Dee?