Wednesday, August 20, 2014

C'mon Leeanne! You Are Totally Lipstuck! You Need to Focus!

There's a first time for everything!

When I saw this picture, I knew it was for Leeanne, and I had a pretty good idea what it was going to involve in the plot. I mostly needed to write out the dialog and see where exactly it went. I wrote it straight out in the caption setting, and I didn't have to edit or shrink down the text size at all, as I pretty much had everything I wanted to say in that text box. It had to be visceral and it had to be straight to the point. It was "go time" and the time to truly be apprehensive left the building right as his wife came in to check on where he was and what he was doing. The ending was written due to the way her body is posing in front of the mirror, which gave me the idea on how to conclude it.

Is it any different than psyching yourself up for a big game? You have to squelch your doubts and get focused on the task at hand. Confidence is sexy, and half the battle when you want to do well. In this caption, his wife is like the head coach giving a last minute speech before heading out of the locker room. Just the reassurance that is needed to take care what needs to be done, and in this case, its being a tight end for Damien. Go Team!

It is a pretty good bookend to the last caption, which also involved a sissy, or perhaps she was a proto-sissy, and that one could be considered the beginning of the journey and this one is more of a culmination. If you haven't read the previous posting, why haven't you?!? I figured there would be a few more comments for the discussion question, but the 3 so far have been great responses! I think writing the previous caption definitely influenced how I saw the source photo, and how it was capped, in a good way. I guess its ironic, given the subject material, that its so positive and uplifting to read, mostly because everyone gets exactly what they want, unlike many of the trickster captions I design. At least that is how I see it, and I don't mind anyone posting below how they interpret the caption.

Well, I posted this song because I don't know many good cuckolding songs except "Tits" by Sparks which I've already posted a few times before. Besides, if you are looking like this, you're a girlfriend at that point! RIP Peter Steele!


  1. Wow Dee! I don't know how you manage, but when you do a cap for me you always seem able to perfectly channel my sissy nature. It makes me wonder. Hmmmm? Either way, those thoughts cross my mind all of the time when my wife is having a man over and I'm going to be there, dressed en femme for them. It is a scary and erotically charged event every single time. And guess what? I'm Type O Negative! I've never heard the song or of the band, but I loved that video. I see myself as the girl with the pigtails! Thanks for the feature Dee. You're very sweet.



  2. Great cap. I tied to read it in different ways, but it seems to me everybody gets what they want in the cap. Knowingly and willingly.

    I would have commented sooner, but every time I reached the end of the post I started listening to "October Rush." A good way to spend my time, but it does interfere with me commenting. That album was the first time they caught my attention. Sadly I never saw them perform on stage.