Sunday, August 24, 2014

Service Me!

You KNOW you want to service me!

Made this one awhile back for JPL/Debi back in June of 2011. It was a bit of a departure for me, and I deliberately tried to make it something slightly different than what I'd been doing at the time. I am pretty sure I had the picture on my hard drive for a few weeks, and damn! Aren't those awesome heels? Where was I? Oh yeah, so anyway, here's what I had said in a follow up to something Martha had commented upon:
Thanks. I was trying for a different feel, and wanted to show that the former Mack actually was more free now than he was before, even though he was serving his Mistress. He just needed to be "liberated" properly. 
I mean, think about it ... we are often dressed up in constricting suits with nooses around our neck, confined to a small cubicle for a work space, and locked into rent or mortgage, relationships, family obligations, and cell phone contracts. Even travel involves patdowns, security checks, and endless paperwork. 
Makes scenes like this caption seem much more tolerable, doesn't it?
 Looking at it again, a layer that I hadn't thought about the first time I posted this is that I hope it connects with the reader more than most, because if you can't imagine yourself in Mack's place, you CAN picture yourself in the confronting role, as a friend that is trying to rescue Mack/Debi. Let your imagination run wild with what I could possibly do to you, enslaving you to your former male friend. Who knows what is actually between her legs anyway?!? Wouldn't you like to find out?

I need to join a trivia league. A bunch of friends went out to one of those games/pub food places and I kicked ass .. and about a month ago did the same thing while at Buffalo Wild Wings (if you want to go there and not eat meat, I suggest the soft pretzel bites .. really good and fairly inexpensive!) with a few of those same friends. We truly kicked ass and who doesn't like to look smartly? If there is knowledge that is truly useless, than I probably know of it!

Will hopefully have the next round of DIY Challenge for you within the week. Hadn't had a chance to pick out a photo yet or use. Any ideas on what sort of picture you'd like to see?

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  1. Great cap. I can actually place myself in both places, and if I had to write a follow up, there would probably be two girls exploring new pleasures in the end.

    To be honest, part of the appeal of your DIÝ challenges is that I am capping a picture with them, I might not have concidered capping in the first place. I like to be surprised.