Monday, July 28, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Good Remix?

She went from a 7 inch to something totally different!

Made this one for Satcheron a few weeks ago. She wanted to change into an Asian girl and I certainly was able to oblige her wishes! Figured I would put in some truth about record labels and the lengths they go to keep artists under their thumb. I am pretty damn sure that if they WERE able to do this, they certainly would do it and without a second thought! Its nice to see recording artists strike out on their own when they can, but it doesn't really help the bands that are just starting out.

I've been trying to find another car among things so it hasn't been the nice slice of easy living that I thought summer would be once I got work straightened out. Life never really does let you ever get ahead, does it?

Depending on how my transportation works out, I hopefully will have a post up again soon.


  1. It would be fun if they could do this, even if only to match the singers appearances to their voices. A cap with a view that opens great possibilities.

    I wish you good luck finding a new "Mentia Mobile." Anything specific in mind?

    1. Can't swing one right now so its sinking more money into the old one! Arrgghh! I was looking at a 2003 Saturn Vue and a 2004 Chevy Impala.