Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reminiscing in the Fields of Her Youth ...

Memories can be fleeting .. and others will never go away.

Made this one yesterday, and it was made with no filters. I had a little bit of trouble with the ending "zinger" but I think what I came up with encapsulates the feelings I was trying to convey nicely.

The psyche is a dangerous thing, and when it is applied as a direct coping mechanism, there is a fine line to be walked. We all try to do our best with what we are given, when its given to us. I know there is more to this story, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. Perhaps you can enlighten us more in the comment section below. As you probably figured, its a blog exclusive.

Also, the picture was originally a screen saver, and I am assuming its some sort of actress? If anyone knows who it is, please also list it in the comments. Perhaps any roles she's played would help in the back story. I mostly wrote what came into my head when I saw the picture. As I reached the end, I am still not sure who even acted out .. whether it was her, a jealous boy, perhaps her dad?

I am not sure I'll be posting tomorrow, but if not, I should be back on Friday. If I get some time, I might whip up a Father's Day caption, we shall see how motivated I am before Sunday.

Not sure the GF would want this song as the first dance at our wedding, 
if we ever decided to get hitched.


  1. Playful, sexy and yet oh so dark!
    The way I read it, she acted out.
    There is certainly more to this cap. The how and why he found himself in her body? Was it the lust that made them switch? Did either he want to become a woman, and wanted to get rid of the loose ends or did she wanted to become a man, and chose the wrong victim?
    Was her old body her only victim, or her first?
    So many questions. This has the potential for a full story.

    If I'm not mistaken, the girl in the picture is the singer Ellie Goulding. I saw her recently in "the Graham Norton Show." I don't know if that's aired on your side of the pond, but it's a talk show Graham Norton doesn't take himself too serious, and neither do his guests. He always has someone perform live, and from time to time even someone I like.

    Although I love the song, I'm not sure either if Nick and Kylie is appropriate for a wedding, but no doubt you know other songs, more fitting.
    Should you get hitched, you will have the potential bridesmaids lined up (In pantyhose, after a visit to the salon).

    1. Ah, so its a pop singer I assume. Perhaps that would have to do with a lack of people viewing.

      Then again, it *IS* a pretty dark caption though I don't preface it really in the blog post itself.

    2. I got the "Where the Wild Roses Grow" vibe too.