Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honestly, What's the Problem?

I can stop whenever I want! I just don't WANT to stop!

Made this one a little over a week ago. I saw the picture (on the screen, you'll notice she's looking at a 'pantyhose fetish' website) and the idea came to me that this was a classic case of addiction. Would it manifest itself to THIS extent? I really don't know, but it certainly could. Maybe some of the readers out there could confirm or deny the situation!

I am definitely a big fan of pantyhose, and would I call it a fetish? Probably. Not one I particularly follow in my regular life, as the GF is definitely more of a hippie that anything else. I will definitely notice women wearing hose in public though, and most of the captions I make will use models wearing some type of hosiery. Trust me, I would love to see it come back into style again, and hope it does. Its something very feminine about the way many women will curl their toes and scrunch them up that is quite appealing. The way a nylon encased toe will dangle a heel delicately and flirtatiously. The subconscious rub along her calf, checking its smoothness or the shiny heel popping out and then back into her shoe. No one can deny, not even women who HATE hose, that it totally make your legs look better. Sure they can be uncomfortable, but you also get what you pay for!

With all that being said though, I could NEVER make a caption blog like Hailey does at A Tights Spot. While I feature hosiery fairly often, I am not sure I could make hundreds of captions about them and how they feel, how guys get trapped into them, etc ... Usually they are a side dish to whatever main plot point get conjured up in my head. The legs and heels pull me in originally, but its usually something else that puts the sizzle to the steak.

That is why it was so much fun for me to focus on the legs and pantyhose so prominently in this caption. It wasn't made for anyone in particular, though I did have both Hailey and Elise in mind when writing out "the confession" so to speak. I tried to give it that, "If guys had tits, they'd never leave the house!" but with a Dee touch.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you were only able to read/view one sort of TF/TG caption "fetish" which one would it be and why? Everyone has their own groove, so what would you have to pledge your allegiance to? For me, it would be REALLY hard, I'm a big slut for transformations in general, even outside the TG genre. Let me know what you think of the caption too!


  1. Almost five-hundred caps at this point, to be exact. ;) It's one of my great passions, and though I've had a few opportunities to work on pics outside my niche, I almost always come back to it for all the reasons described and more -- and, for the record, you did a great job describing them! I may need a moment to myself...

    To answer your question...well, my blog kinda does, but I've always had a think for size transformations, too. In fact, I've got a shrinking one coming up very soon! =D

  2. Great cap. This goes in the category: "Your brain justifies everything you do."
    This hasn't started as a fetish for me, and I'm not sure if it became a fetish, at least to some extent.
    It is one of the beautiful things in this community. Whatever the reason we came here, there is a degree of acceptance we often don't have in RL.

    I like transformations in general as well, but if I have to choose a fetish? Pantyhose and stockings do feel great, yet a beauty salon would be it. After all, being transformed into a woman? Why not getting pampered into one.

    1. "Your brain justifies everything you do," is one of the concepts that helps when you are writing villains for stories or captions. They have to feel that what they are doing is right, and that they are only doing what a right minded person would do. It takes a bit away if they are metaphorically "twirling their handlebar mustaches" though those kinds of villains can be fun to write too!

      Beauty Salon is another wonderful choice Helena!