Sunday, March 23, 2014

The "Eyes" Have It!

Its totally unanimous!

I also want to be an evil scientist, so I can have some minions that will do my bidding, but alas, science was not by strong point in High School, and I don't remember a damn thing about whatever Lab Science class I took in college. Honestly, I would have to look at my college record to see what class it was I passed. Anyone else have problems remembering certain classes they took as a general education requirement besides me?

Anyway, this was written for Kellie Rae a few weeks ago and posted today. To me, its a sister caption to one I made a few months ago, called, "Wendy Is Not For Sale!"  which I posted in January. They both focus on a woman's eyes, and involve creating a woman from a man, but in the end, I think they still stand on their own. I think its something you have to be able to do when you've made 1500 or so TG captions, and that is to revisit themes without duplicating what you've written before.

It happens to me now and again, where I'll have something set up and I'll say, "Hmmm, I think I've done or read that before," and have to step back and attack it from a different angle. It can be hard to stop yourself, trust me. Hell, I've used that scenario to create some meta-captions that make fun of the very idea that there are only so many ways to change a man into a woman, and you can knock yourself out trying to one up yourself by whipping up Magic Elevators, Cupcakes, Living Lingerie and enough evil, vengeful women to make most guys run screaming away from anything that could possibly have a vagina!

I can only assume its why I've done more sissy or "willing" captions lately. There are still some magical elements in that I am not exactly explaining all the intricacies to the reader, but its a different venue that I haven't become overwhelmed with, and it gives me a breather to return to what got me to the party so to speak. Those newer captions bring in people who haven't seen my other captions before, and it leads me to see what makes those readers tick. Cross-pollination can make for some pretty awesome flowers, and some pretty fucked up mutants as well, and its a privilege for me to unveil them all for you!

This post had nothing to do with the fact that I have a eye doctor appointment tomorrow, I swear! I haven't been in over 8 years so I should totally assume that my eyes are so much better than they were in 2005! Right? Great ... I am going to find out I've been captioning with pictures of squirrels in bras and panties for the last 5 years! UUGGHHH!! Why didn't anyone tell me! LOL

Well, based on the 3 comments so far, you've all be asking for this!


  1. Pictures of squirrels in Bras? LOL >:)

  2. Look, even if you get your corrective lenses, keep using pics of squirrels in bras... they are popular and appreciated!

    Seriously though, cute squirrel in t this cap Dee!

    I remember most of the classes I took in college. I think the best 'general education' class I took had to be Billiards. That's right, I got college credit for going to a bar every week and 'learning' how to play pool. If I remember right, the tuition cost was less than the cover charge would have been for 16 weeks!

  3. You say Squirrels in bras and panties like that's a bad thing! If you stop where is the whole squirrels in lingerie community going to go for their hot new photos?!?!?!?

    I love those eyes by the way!!!

  4. Mesmerising cap, and as a bonus the most sexy squirrel, Slappy :