Sunday, December 1, 2013

Even when you weren't listening, you were paying attention to Dee!

.. or was that the other way around? No biggie as it worked anyway!

Made this for a relative newcomer to the Haven, Chloegreen, who has a relatively flexible preference list, and hopefully she sticks to it as it certainly gave me some ideas to work with! I think this is a bit more hawt than my usual captions but it still FEELS like a Dee caption, though I can't really describe WHY it still feels like a Dee caption. Just somehow my voice is coming through onto the screen!

There was so much more I could've written, and its something like this that I could end up writing into a short story, depending on how focused I could stay while composing it. I mean, I didn't even get into the bows on her head or the bows on her stockings!

Any requests for what you would like to see next? I don't really have any caption debt so I am free to make whatever the hell I want, and sometimes that is a curse! Its so much easier for me to focus when I have some lines to color in, even if I do end up shading areas way outside what is defined.

I have one entry for the DIY contest from Helena and nothing else. If you wish to take a shot at it, click on the link and check out the caption setting and picture. Whip something up and post it to the comments and make sure you note that its a DIY SUBMISSION! I will probably be posting it on Wednesday or Thursday. I'd love to keep this going so I also need to make a few more for people to tackle with their creativity!


  1. Oh Dee! You really hit my weak spot with that one sweetie. Thank you so much.



  2. a great caption it suits my tastes down to the ground.

  3. Very nice, ticks my buttons and what have you. Thank you.