Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Results .. Plenty of Horsepower and Torque

This one's got a Hemi!

When I was about to create this posting, I only thought I had Helena's entry, so I went back and whipped something up pretty quick so Helena's wouldn't be lonely. Then I figured, I'll do a quick check to see if anyone did anything today and VIOLA! Ian took a crack at it! I just finished dropping his text into the caption setting and with minimal editing .. we've got another DIY caption!

The above one is mine, and as with most of these, I am not writing anything up beforehand. I don't plan on doing something for all of them, but I did end up with an idea I thought I could flesh out in a few minutes, and this is what I came up with. Pretty basic, but it works.

Helena decided that she wanted to try using the picture in her own setting, and I think it came out pretty good. I wish I had given her the edited version as I now see I had done more to it thank I originally thought I had. Seems like I had put a white border around it and cut out the photographer's credit when I put it into the caption setting. Sorry Sweetie!

Lastly, we have Ian's submission, who shows why it's not good to try to take my fertile land from me as perhaps refinancing might be a better option! As per usual, I cleaned up the text slightly to make it fit well enough and probably fixed a few typos as well. Not a biggie and it didn't effect the overall storyline in the slightest.

Figured I'd give people something that might be a bit easier to caption. Not everyone wanted to make a caption that starred a tattooed girl getting into or out of a vintage truck apparently! Go wild and write something up in the comment area or PM me on Rachel's Haven with your work, properly labeled as a "DIY SUBMISSION" and we'll be all set! I think the next DIY posting will be sometime late next week so get working on this one!


  1. thanks Dee yes my spooling is nit to grate doh! I do hope more people well try I think its great fun

  2. DIY caption
    "Ok ladies that's enough.
    Settle down girls...SETT-LE-DOWN.
    Thank you. Mistress Dee has very kindly ordered this cheating
    Ex husband away from her normal punishments so that we can
    have a life model for our class today. Let us take advantage of this.
    Now open your books, page 293. Advanced humiliation and debasement....."