Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wakie Wakie Helena!

You can't go dreaming your life away, now can you??

Made this one before Halloween and then forgot all about it so it was never posted the Haven or here until now! Sometimes when you get prolific for a few days, captions fall between the cracks. I still hope that Helena enjoys it. One of the perks of commenting a lot is the people making the captions will often focus on keeping the commenter busy with captions of their own!

Hope everyone had a great week! I am just about done with Christmas shopping now as we bought most of the peripheral family members gifts this evening. Found a Yankee candle that was leather scented and I'm sure my dad will enjoy that one! Bought some Dr. Bronner's non-allergenic unscented soap for my daughter (17 bucks for 32 oz!) who is allergic to Aloe Vera which happens to be in like 95 percent of all soap! I don't mind buying stuff like that because I know she uses it. Now I just have to renew her AAA membership card for her birthday and we should be pretty much done unless something good is discounted on Black Friday.

Well, lookie here! The caption with the naked girl had the most page views .. who'd have thunk it?

Made a caption for Hailey's Caption Challenge #7 at her blog A Tights Spot which uses a POV picture! Entries are due by 6 AM on Monday so if you have a chance, drop in and see if you can use the photo in a caption! They are fun to do and if you don't wish to create your own, remember I am doing the whole DIY thing for you as well! All you have to do is write up your text and I'll put it in the caption setting for you!

I think Dave Grohl had it right. Just do a verse and then go RIGHT to the chorus!


  1. Modern dance oh the horror ! OMG Christmas shopping done already you are well organised
    I went to the shop to get some art stuff it was packed and they are playing Christmas tunes that
    must be torture for the shop workers 2 months of soppy music.

    1. Well, not hearing the Christmas Songs starting at the beginning of November is one good reason for being done already! We've always been ahead of the game mostly because we wouldn't be able to afford Christmas gifts for everyone if we only did it in December, so we usually start around August. You also tend to get better deals then. We always have a few last minute things where we just end up shopping on Amazon and order through Prime so its in 2 days later.

  2. Wow, I love it. Hey I get to be a dancer, so what's not to like;)

    I have no reason to complain if I get a caption a little later than you planned. That won't take the fun out of it for me.

    Shopping for Cristmas? I haven't even received the wishing lists for Saint Nicholas' eve (December 5th) when a large part of the Netherlands gives their gifts. He only arrived in Groningen Yesterday. And I still have left over candy from St. Martin's Day (November 11th) Basically how and when we trick or treat but without the costumes. The kids come singing with lantarns for candy over here.

    I Agree with you on Dave Grohl. And I do like his version bettter than Elton John's.

    1. Well, I think that since everyone believes that because Bernie Taupin is a lyrical genius, every single word of his lyrics must be used when honestly you could cut some things out and it wouldn't hurt the song any.

      See my above comment on shopping!

  3. Well, he was warned and if he can't read "A Warning Not To Enter ". Then he's either a complete idiot or a fool of the worse type. At least his girl-friends will help ease her "Transition " from boy to girl and she's already got a boyfriend to boot ! What a lucky girl ! They really need to seal-off that room by putting a brick wall or a solid steel wall to protect boys from it. Otherwise it's just like a spider just waiting for it's next victim to enter it's pink-web. Love the pic !