Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hailey's Big Day!

The best bachelor party since Adrian Zmed was famous!

As mentioned in a previous post, I made a caption for Hailey's caption challenge since I thought the source picture was quite lovely in  POV way. Figured I would throw her into the leading role and got to work on fabricating something I could submit.

Seemed to me that it was some sort of formal picture, either a prom or most likely wedding and who doesn't love to read a wedding caption? How could we get Hunter into that point of view and make it seem like something that "could" happen, especially in a " The Hangover" movie type fashion?

Once that came to mind, it was off to the races, as I had the framing quotes of "best bachelor party ever" for the start and "best wedding day ever" to close it out. To me, The first Hangover movie seemed to be a homage to the 1984 Tom Hanks movie, "Bachelor Party" so I tried to drag that into my caption. I definitely needed the bride and bridesmaids to be there somehow if I wanted to end the caption with Hunter and Damien dressed as in the photo, so either having them bust the guys for throwing such a wild party OR somehow finding the guy's party while celebrating their bachelorette party worked for me .. and honestly I'm not sure which way really happened.

I didn't want to go "magical" but if you were so inclined to believe that is what happened, I did include magicians in the performing acts.  My intent was for it to be some sort of wonderful mesmerizing of the wedding party, which SHOULD be easy since they were probably inebriated or shocked at the debauchery that was going on. As you can probably deduce, the hypnotist flipped the roles of all those participating in the nuptials the next day. How far along and WHEN the reveal / wake up will happen is beyond me, but I would think ,"You may now kiss the bride" MIGHT be the best time for the hypnotist to take a bow!

Sorry I couldn't fit Nick the Dick into it, but sometimes you just have to say no, even though there are those would relish those wiener jokes!


  1. Better every time I see it. ;)

  2. Great cap. I'm actually a bit in a bridal / wedding mood as I just finished a wedding themed cap for Dawn (Commentator) yesterday, and I recently had some friends getting married.

  3. Wondering if I made a wedding label that this caption might get more views and comments! People do seem to like weddings and bridal wear!

    1. I DO love bridal captions, but sadly I tend to dislike first person views just as strongly. The story and design work great for this cap, but the photo just kept it from really sparking a reaction in me.