Saturday, October 12, 2013

Planting a Sexy Seed!

This USED to be the kind of caption I'd make for Petra!

Originally I made this one for Wendy a few hours ago. This version is slightly modified because she doesn't like guys in her captions, and I wanted to throw in an extra little bit of wordplay in the first paragraph so that is the difference between this one and the one posted to her folder on the Haven.

I LOVE making captions like this. Its a whole hell of a lot of fun to make and I think quite fun to read as well since you can tell that the captioner was having a blast. I WAS looking for something to use to make a caption for Wendy, but first I saw this picture and said, "Wonder if her name is Ivy? I'd love to date her but she's probably really CLINGY!" Right there was the genesis of the "storyline" as it were and since Wendy loves nature and such, I figured she wouldn't mind a name change for one caption .. I mean, would YOU mind if you got to look like that?

From there, it was just an exercise in getting as many plant related sayings into a small space without going too far out there for a reference. Captions like this are where I really miss people like Steffie and Petra .. because they would jump all over this caption and make funny comments in the post on Rachel's Haven .. and elevate the good times even more. Dawn (commentator) has been pretty good about doing that along with some others, but I don't have that rapport with them yet to know how much they'll like something like this.

On another note, I finally have my 300th follower! Welcome RhondaTV! I swear it took six months to go from 295 to 300 but WOOOO! Its much harder to get some dee-ciples than I thought it would be! Onward and upward to 400 followers! You know you want to submit to me ... right?

Think I saw these guys open for Motley Crue. They sucked live but were fun to listen on CD.


  1. Hi Dee I've reading your blot for some time.
    I really like it
    Just started to be a follower.
    keep up the great work. !!!

  2. Very funny and humorous ! is he err she possibly related to "Poison-Ivy " of the Batman comics fame ? She looks so innocent, but I have a feeling that she'll start "blooming " into a most fetching young-woman very soon. And the boys had best be careful or they could find themselves in a plant "pod " of trouble. Okay bad pun; but at first I though you were parodying a classic Sci-Fi movie . Nicely done!

  3. quite enjoyed the source image and the writing is classic you. No surprises in that department.

    1. You are correct that it was right in my wheelhouse .. or hothouse if you will! I'd like to think all those plays on words sprouted up quite organically.