Monday, October 14, 2013

For Ian, What You See Is What You Get!

Sometimes it pays to read all the comments!

Well, a few posts ago, I mentioned in the comments section about a day after it had gone up that I was looking for a volunteer to star in a caption I was making, but they had to be ok with being portrayed as a somewhat experienced cross-dresser. I am not sure if that was a reason why no one took me up on it for at least 24 hours, but I think it might be that people don't return to the posts and read replies or newest comments once they've read it initially. When I make a comment on another person's blog, I usually check back for the next day or two to see if anyone else has replied. Figure there might be a chance I learn something, through either the Blog Mistress herself or someone else making their thoughts known.

I should assume that Ian does as well, since not only did he reply to my comment, but when I realized that I kind of needed someone that wasn't from the UK for the caption to really work ... he replied to THAT comment as well. Unfortunately, he WAS from the UK, but I also had a backup plan!

I was making captions on Saturday morning when I came across this picture. Quite a charming picture as you start at the heels and end at the .. is that actually that girl's hair? I can't assume it is, and I would think its probably a Halloween wig. Anywho, It took me a while to GET to her hair so that gave me the idea for this caption. It was set up perfectly as well, since I could write it around her .. start quickly at her face, then travel down to her legs and stay for a moment, then back across the caption while still looking at her legs, and then staying there. It pretty much mirrors the storyline subconsciously for the reader is put into the situation that Brad is seeing (yes, in my head, the other guy's name is Brad) and hopefully it makes the caption better to give reader a line of sight.

I try to use that "framing" technique when making captions with the text that is directly on the picture. Probably the most successful one like this would be a caption I made for Wendy awhile back called, "Looking Closely .. Can You See It Clearly?"  ironically enough.It doesn't work every time, but it does feel like a comic book when it works well.

Anyway, I hope Ian enjoys this token of my gratitude for taking the time to make comments on these TG diversions I create. Its fun for me to make them, and I like to think that people enjoy reading them, whether pruriently, for a chuckle, or however you want to escape real life for a few moments. Its a joy to give AND to receive!

A day or two after hitting 300 followers, I'm up to 301 now! Let's keep 'em coming!


  1. Lovely caption, lovely legs.
    Her hair does look like a wig, but I've seen some women in the past with hairdo's like that. I believe this effect can be created blow-drying the hair with a diffuser, I'm not entirely sure though.

    It's good to be able to enjoy your captions again, but sometimes RL takes a turn where it is hard to enjoy the sweet things in life, and it is better to wait until one can appreciate it again, savouring it like a good brandy.

    Didn't know Cake before, I like the song, sweet description of his dream girl.

    1. Cake is most known for their song, "The Distance" which has that same vocal style. They also had a hit with "Never There" which also sounds a bit like "Short Shirt, Long Jacket" since they never really stretched out musically.

      I believe it is a wig. She's on an amateur porn site, and I think in October, she's been wearing all different sorts of wigs.

  2. thank you its so great to be in one of your captions I love it and sorry I gave you a rethink on it. short wig or not with those legs don't think there would be a problem but who would say so to a shorter skirt:) thanks again

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Not a biggie on the rethink, its just that the caption (that I still haven't given out yet!) required someone that should be from the US or Canada.

    2. I look forward to seeing it.