Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waiting for Dr. Mentia to Call 'him' in!

The waiting is the hardest part! At least according to Tom Petty and this blog exclusive!

Made this one when reading a story posted to Fictionmania, interestingly enough, though the inspiration didn't come from a TG element. It was about a guy that was having trouble with a spastic colon and it turns out the person that was helping him wasn't a doctor, but a nurse's assistant that also happened to be a she-male. When he first goes into the exam room, she tells him to take off all his clothes and put on a dressing gown. Right there, I thought, what if instead of a "johnny" as most doctor's around here call it, they actually said, "gown" and meant something for a formal event? As an improv comedian might say, "Well, it might go something like THIS!"

The hardest actual part was finding a picture of a woman in a ball gown type outfit that wasn't just posing against a blank background or with a watermark all over the outfit. This one actually fit the bill for me, even though it wasn't going to be set in a doctor's exam room, it did look enough like a waiting room for me to rearrange the story a bit in my mind to make it work. The blue is quite a deep, rich tone that I wanted to continue in the caption setting.

While I was writing this up, I decided to proof-read it one more time before pasting it into this post. For some reason, it wasn't reading right to me, so I changed the order of 2 of the paragraphs. I think its much better this way now. Here is the original .. before I did my editing ..

Let me know which way you liked better!

Seems like a slow last few days. I know the one with the girl dressed in men's clothing and dealing with a mental health / drug addiction plot wouldn't be a big time view magnet, but C'mon .. a secretary caption with legs to die for written for a pretty well known writer from Fictionmania? That one not gaining many views or comments did shock me a bit. Perhaps I need to do a bit more "Dee-anostics" and crack the code to get maximum eyeballs!


  1. Excellent cap. One of the things I admire about your work is that you find pictures that work very well with your text. You certainly did that here. I enjoyed reading about your thought process in arranging the order of the paragraphs. I agree very much with your final choice: the "after 5 PM" paragraph works best as the third paragraph.

    Thanks for another great cap.

    1. I thank you for the "admiration" but most of the time I write the story to match the pictures so I guess that is why they work well together! Although you are right in that THIS time I had the story written first before finding a source picture that would work. In that way, I was probably more lucky than anything that I was able to find this image.

  2. mind control and oblivious caps are good fun captions lots of our own whys and how's to read into this one. is that dr Jenkins ? did he jump or was he pushed by dr mentia?
    PS if no one else is up for it 'Ian'

    1. I like to let people form their own opinions as to what is happening, and usually just alert them as to things that I thought were concrete .. in my case, that *IS* the old doctor, and I've forced him out of being a male doctor into a nice role of sexy nurse.

      I'll have it posted for you in a few days, though I must ask if you are in the UK .. since the caption would work better if you WEREN'T from the UK. I was really surprised that no one read the comments in the last post to see I was offering a starring role in a caption .. unless they didn't want to be in a cross-dressing one?

    2. yes I am in the uk don't worry about it if it would not work with me I won't take offence.

    3. Just in case you were .. as I thought that Ian was quite a common name in the UK .. I made you another caption that will be posted in the next few days.

  3. I really liked this cap.
    would be nice to put on this type of gown,
    instead of the little cloth things that open.
    When I have to go to the doctor next time I know I
    will be dissappointed because I didn't get a pretty gown.

  4. Well Dee, you're on a roll... In addition to creating yet another funny/quirky caption that is "signature Dee", you keep selecting drool-worthy pics to accompany your witty musings :)

    Loved this one!