Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another in the Top 10 .. Trixie - The Prom King?

Hypnosis can't make you do something you wouldn't do, right?

This is another of my favorite captions. Looking back through many of my captions today, there is no way I could truly come up with a Top 5. As per what I wrote in the original posting back in March of 2011 about this caption:
Sambecomes was one of my favorite captioners way back when before I even thought about creating my own. I wanted to make something that could compare to what she'd done in terms of quality, and looking at her preferences, I saw that she didn't mind cross-dressing or she-males, and had a desire for "I would especially like to have sexy feet, whether they are bare or in heels (it's really not a requirement though).  Slow changes are of course the best."
I had an idea that if someone could be hypnotized to believe that certain acts were the epitome of manliness, it would make a path to femininity even easier to achieve, while giving the illusion that they are fighting the conditioning. I've made a few captions with the premise, but they were usually more grounded in magic. I really hadn't done anything much at that time with straight up humiliation through crossdressing by way of hypnosis.
The idea coming through here is that Samuel will have his "Carrie" moment, though he'd be oblivious until something on stage triggers everything ... his awareness of the situation and the fact that he'll continue to act and want to be feminine. BMOC is going to be a possible pariah with a ruined reputation.
Of course, I really like the story that I crafted, However ...
 The picture is what makes this caption good though. I cannot even put forth that the story really carries this at all. The model has GORGEOUS legs, a great ass, and a wonderful taste in clothing if I do say so myself! In addition, the androgynous hairstyle and lack of heavy makeup give her a look of a feminized boy, which comes out when paired with the story.
The picture definitely wrote the story for me. Just like the previous post, it feels like this caption could possibly happen in real life to an actual person. Its a bit more outlandish, but conceivably, there is someone out there gifted enough hypnotically, and someone as suggestible as Sam/Trixie seems to be, that hypothetically this scenario could happen. The picture COULD be of a boy dressed up ... it probably isn't, but it is possible. SO why not fall into place and let things wash over you, even if you want to resist, who really wants to?

I am not really a Lana Del Rey fan at all, but I really like this song.

You just HAVE to read this story by Callie Messenger called "You Missed!" Brilliant writing, and I wish I had written it because its so witty and fun!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I will probably highlight a few more of my favorite creations. If anyone is looking for a specific genre of TG caption, ask below and I'll see if I can find a favorite on mine that deals with what you are looking for. Maybe its one I haven't posted here yet.


  1. This is an excellent caption. The picture and text work so well together.

    I'd love to see more hypnosis caps from your archives.


    1. So glad you could drop by! Nice to see some more "TG lifers" so to speak! Sometimes I feel like I'm dropping the "I remember so-and-so back when your whippersnappers were knee high to a prairie dog!" even though I'm not that old!

      I'll see what I can do about more hypnosis captions. I have one that is in transition so to speak (as in I have it in a setting, but haven't whipped up the complete story yet!) and will soon be coming down the pike.

  2. Great and funny caption.

    My needs for a specific genre are already served by you, as I come here for the typical "Dee-captions."

    How did everything go with your kidney stones? I hope you're feeling better.

    1. I am hanging in there, and I think I have a comment in one of the previous posts that sums it up nicely, but I went back to work after surgery on Tuesday and everyone thinks I'm insane (they did find almost 60 kidney stones in the kidney.)

      Life has to go on though and hopefully they'll remove the stent soon so I can continue to ravage the town folk again with a frequency they had grown accustomed to these last few hundred years!

      I am so glad that the allure of "Dee Captions" is what keeps you coming back!

  3. The hypnosis theme is one of my favourites especially when they think the more feminine they act the more manly they are. I guess it is a bit of a one shot pony but love them all the same.

    1. I think its a good enough topic to come back to time and again, but I can't see someone cranking out a bunch of them in a row without seeming to repeat themselves.

      For me, it does tie in nicely to the "oblivious" and "compulsion" bent that I seem to enjoy though!

  4. Great choice. This has always been one of my favorite caps. The hypnosis genre in general is a favorite of mine, and the "unaware" subgenre(?) is just fantastic. Can't state enough how much I like this one.

  5. Great cap! Love these overlapping genres/themes.

  6. Hey, belated thanks for your comment on my story. I've been through your site since and I love your caps. One day I might just have a go. I think you might have inspired me!