Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One of my Top 5 Captions of All Time!

Straight and to the point ... an absolute favorite!

I wanted to post about my surgery today, but I wanted something for everyone to look at .. hence this caption which I think should be in the my Top 5 list. I know you can find it under the label "Dee's Favorites" but it was posted almost 3 years ago, so it might be new to most people that hopped aboard within the last year or two.

This is what I posted at the time:
This is probably one of most well received captions that I've ever done. It's onto it's 2nd page of comments, 1300+ hits, and it was only posted last December. I think it struck a nerve for many people, in that it is somewhat reasonable to assume that this COULD happen. The person that it was captioned for was appreciative, though I was as well, since I'd probably not had any drive to even MAKE a caption like this if her preferences hadn't led me to it.
The picture lends itself to the story in spades, and I didn't have to drone on that much about what was going on. Here is the set-up, here is what is happening right now, and here is the plot twist that drives home all that was mentioned before. I'd like to say that I labored over this mightily, but I think it took me 10 minutes total once I found the picture.

My only negative thoughts dwell on how much degradation should be incorporated into a caption. How far is too far? I guess you could say that it probably depends on the recipient and what their threshold is.In the end, does the scenario depicted go too far if it was real life, but is fine in terms of fantasy / wish fulfillment? Please discuss .. as usual, there are no right and wrong answers to any of these discussions.
You can find the discussions in the comments HERE:

Over time, I've grown to LOVE captions like this one, and it has really expanded my own preferences. Who wouldn't mind getting something like this in their in-box? I think its made me much more open-minded about TG Captions, which has made me a better captioner as well. I'd never have met people like Leeanne and that expansion of thoughts have kept me relevant while many of my TG peers have sort of wandered off. Three years ago I might have been at least inwardly pissed if someone made ME a sissy or a drag queen in a caption, but its not such a big deal anymore. I was always open and understanding about it, but that certainly wasn't for DAMIEN! At least now, I can imagine it in fantasies and that is a big leap forward. Thanks to everyone for expanding my horizons!

<><><><> Medical Stuff ... you DON'T HAVE to read it <><><><>

Went in this morning and found out I had a gravel road in my kidney, so they went in once again with a claw machine with a laser at the end of it and started blasting shit. I'm really getting sick of this, and quite puzzled why I'm making so much so quickly. I've changed my diet and lifestyle and don't seem to be getting any better. Its so disheartening, and when confronted with it in the pre-surgery area, I think knowing that hurt more than any actual stone has ever hurt me. I am trying to stay positive, but I really don't want to spend the rest of my life having surgery every 8 months to remove Mike & Ike sized stones. My current work has been great about this, but does this mean I'm stuck there for the rest of my 40+ years left of employment? So many things to think about.

<><><><> End of Bullshit Whining about my situation <><><><>

I might do a few more "Dee's Favorites" coming up in the next week, revisiting captions that might have fallen through the cracks. I appreciate everyone's comments and concerns. It really brightens the day to see them in my inbox when I check in. XOXOXO

I-I-I-I-I don't want no kidney's stones!


  1. hope you are over your op real soon and can find a long term solution.
    I like to see some of your old and favourite works as am still a newbie, I don't know how long this scene has been going. do you old hands have a consensus on the best caption ever posted?

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. Figured I'd get to this while still having some pain meds from the surgery floating through my system.

      Well, if you wish to cheat, you COULD click on the "Dee's Favorites" Tag that is somewhere below in the left column! I am going to try to highlight a few others over the next week along with perhaps a smidgen of new discussion about them.

      One of the things you figure out quickly on the internet involving TG captions, both within the blogosphere and Rachel's Haven .. there is such a breadth to the contents that you probably couldn't even get a consensus on the best TYPE of plotline, never mind ONE caption that would rule them all.

      I am not even sure I could come up with a Top 10 list of my favorite captioners without leaving off someone that is worthy of being on the list.

      There are people that ONLY do clean Rated PG captions and those that specifically up the XXX content, and every place in between; those that deal with non-magical stories and others that have created their own universes.

      Even captioners that I am not that fond of can whip up a toe-curling story from time to time that I can just gush about, or evolve from 'meh' to "must read" in 5 months with practice.

      I will end this comment with a request to you .. what sort of TG Captions / Content are you looking for? I've been an admin at Rachel's Haven for almost 5 years, and read TG fiction for almost 20 years. I can at least steer you in a certain direction, even as I say, "just start clicking links on sites you like and let your whims take you where you wish to go!"

    2. Hope you are feeling better, yes I think as I wrote my question I kind of knew the answer. just wondered if there was a queen of caption we should all bow down and worship. I do follow many links if I maybe so bold as to push my own blog manmadewoman its got loads of links but no posts yet DOH! my tastes are forced fem ,revenge and humiliation.

  2. Hope your kidney stone situation improves. I remember my father going through that and you do have my sympathy. Thanks for the vintage CAP. Great stuff. I know what you mean about a top 10 list; though that would make an interesting posting to see what people came up with. Be well out there and keep CAPping.

    1. Do you have a TG Caption Blog? If so I would love to check it out. Need to add some new blood to the "Dee-generate Bloggers" and prune some that aren't updating anymore.

  3. Kidney stones? Ouch! So sorry Dee. Love the post though. Such a hot photo! The perfect amount of slutiness.

    Kiss kiss,


    1. I loved it when I made it, and I probably love it even more now!

      Thanks for the concern sweetie! In a way I feel like Sara does in her little contraptions, that I can't really get excited at the moment YET I read your two latest postings on your sissy journey. Its one of those things that really gets you thinking about what exactly is fantasy and what would you want in real life.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that the stones are that bad Dee. But one thing you can take solace from is that it seems that your actions aren't causing them. If they were then the change in diet and lifestyle should have resolved the problem. I hope they not only take care of this current issue, but figure out what's causing the repeated issues.

    Oh... and GREAT cap. I think any list of the 'best' captions would have to include this one!

  5. When we get advice about managing our health by improving our diets, we can find ourselves feeling guilty and beating ourselves up for not being more careful about what we eat. I hope you're not doing any of that to yourself. I'm not saying to ignore expert advice, and short-term guilt has a place in some aspects of our lives, but eating is normal and the physical pain is plenty without lumping guilt on top of that too. I hope you are helped to find some better answers.

    As for the cap, I'd hate that to happen to anybody in real life but, as pure fiction, it's hot!