Monday, June 24, 2013

Sometimes you need protection!

Little sis keeping an eye on big sis!

ARRGGHHHH! Fucking Bruins! Chicago was as good as everyone says, but I still think the Bruins pissed it away more than the Blackhawks won it. Well, there is always next year.

Enjoy this caption I made for Ashlee aka Totalditz. I think she's from my neck of the woods, so her male side is probably just as ripshit as I am, so misery loves company!

Yeah, you are going to get a triple shot of Anthrax .. the band. Loved these guys when I was younger and saw them a few times in concert. This third song is one I used to listen to on headphones when I was trying to psyche myself up on my high school baseball team, and also later on for my bowling team. I was the anchor bowler / team captain. One year we won the championship and the second year, we lost in the finals .. that one REALLY hurt. Anyway, this song ALWAYS gets me pumped and jacked to give my all in whatever athletic endeavor. This weekend, it will be bowling again .. one of my friends from that league has a brain tumor and we are raising money for his medical expenses. I haven't bowled in a few years now, but I want to at least bowl my old average to get some donations flowing his way. Please keep my friend in your prayers, burnt offerings, or what have you.

"I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, nothing touches me, I'm a walking razor blade!"

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What song gets you really pumped up when you are doing something athletic, like working out, playing a sport with your mates, or just jogging/running? Perhaps I can make a playlist for my next workout!


  1. Fun cap Dee. I imagine being defended by your younger sister adds a whole new level of emasculation!

    I can't say that I've used music to pump me up for anything athletic. Sadly as a kid I wasn't allowed to play sports due to a heart problem and that lead me to a life of little exercise or physical exertion.

    I do, however, use music to psyche me up for mental exertion. Some great songs (in alphabetical order) that pump me up are:

    Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Heat of the Moment by Asia
    Here I Am (Come and Take Me) by UB40
    10 A.M. Automatic by The Black Keys
    Oh My by The Office
    Paralyzed by Rock Kills Kid
    Warning by Green Day
    The Fallen by Franz Ferdinand
    Malagueña by Brian Setzer
    Minority by Green Day
    Santaria by Sublime
    Sinnerman by Nina Simone

  2. Lovely caption, it makes me wonder how my life would have been if I didn't went into the closet at some point, and my sisters would have defended me.

    I did some bowling growing up, but only recreational. At that time most bowling alleys in the area were nine-pin bowling alleys. Actually cool, the differnce in weight from the balls at some alleys was achieved with different sizes in balls. The smallest ones could be thown through the pins, without hitting one. Imagine that (accidentally) happening to an eight year old kid :D

    My mind will go out to your friend, and I root foor all paticipants this weekend the play their best game ever.

    A few songs that can pump me up? In no particular order:
    Out in the fields - Phil Lynott and Gary more
    Thunderstruck - AC/DC (I have the intro as a ringtone)
    Peter Gunn - ELP
    King Kong Five - Mano Negra
    Black Betty - Ram Jam
    Grilock - Pogues
    Boys fron County Hell - Pogues (Actually everything from these guys)
    Pipeline - Dick Dale
    Many More actually