Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reconsider That Negative Review? Try THIS on for Size!

Looks like she might stay for a cock .. tail or two!

Made this one for Commentator (Dawn) on the Haven. She used to work at a newspaper, so a plot line like this is very much up her alley. Here is what I wrote in the original post:
Thought up this caption while the GF was watching a local show called "The Phantom Gourmet" which reviewed restaurants. He/She/They have a secret identity but most restaurants/bars can be pretty good at spotting those mystery guests, and staff often get a bonus if they spot one. Figured being a review critic would be right up your alley so ... VIOLA! Plus you get to look like Dita, and that is nothing to shake a stick at!
On to the monthly BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Blogging is often a cruel mistress, well more cruel than even I can be! Each posting I make, I try to imagine how many comments and how many page hits it will have after 3 days. That is a good projection .. 3 days ... because not everyone is hanging on your every word, and it gives the average person a chance to see what you've posted, and perhaps go back 2-4 posts and check out what others have commented upon. I've always done this, back at the Haven, I used to say, "well, this will get 3 comments, and THAT one will get 7!" Now they all tend to get 1-2 comments from people that aren't the recipient, as it seems to be more of an honest trade with someone else than a gallery for everyone to look .. which is why its nice to have a TG Caption Blog as well!

SO anyway, the last 4 posts I've made seem to have had inverse reactions: The two most recent captions are over 2k in page hits, yet have a combined 3 comments (1 by me) while the 2 previous captions have 11 comments (4 by me) and yet neither has hit 1k in views. I am going to assume that perhaps the ones that lead to discussions were more suited to such, in perhaps that they were more narrow in scope and made people want to chat. While I can guesstimate, I never really know which postings are going to really connect with the readers.

The most popular caption in May was "A Much Better Job Fit for James!" which was posted on May 8. At this point, its almost up to 4k in views. The most commented upon posting is, "Time is an Illusion, Lunchtime Doubly So!" which got 10 comments and spawned a co-operative caption where someone gave me their story and I plugged it into the storyboard and made a new caption.

in the grand scheme of things, I missed hitting 100k page hits by about 500 but with the amount of real life stuff I've had to keep me busy, I don't really mind too much. I did post 16 times, which was the lowest since last December. Good news for Google as Chrome is now the number one web browser for this website, beating Firefox by 1 percent, 30 to 29. Windows users are 70 percent of this site .. ALL HAIL REDMOND, WASHINGTON! LOL

Lastly, I'd like to thank Leeanne for posting my caption for her on her blog as I think I ended up with 6-8 new followers, which I'm guessing came from her posting it there. Of course there was no comments about it on her blog, but I also assume that they all had their mistresses panties stuffed in their mouths and couldn't be heard! I remember back when my daughter was about 13 and I was trying to explain what a dominatrix was to her (episode of CSI was on) and I said, "sometimes guys will dress up like a sexy female maid and clean a woman's house while she makes fun of them in a playful manner" and she replied, "I have GOT to get me a few of those guys when I'm older!" Goddess did *I* raise her right or what?

And the Bruins win game one of the Eastern Conference Finals 3-0!!! Oh Yeah!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:What is the hottest look a woman can wear in the summertime and why? Seems to be the time for comfort and maximum exposure of the skin, so what makes you go YUM!?! Daisy Dukes and sneakers washing the car? Cowboy boots and mini-skirt at the grocery store? BBQing in only a chef's hat and apron?


  1. Would that it could be so easy to be converted into the body of Dita Von Tease. Picture a longing sissy sighing dreamily about what could be.

    1. I KNOW that she's always been female, but I SWEAR she was a boy when she was younger and figured out a way to erase her past and become a paragon of femininity. If she isn't, I think she's definitely an honorary TG person!

  2. For my own taste you can't better a lady in in a light summer dress. cute and if they catch the sun in the right direction.....

    1. Good choice Ian! Sometimes I will see a woman walking down the street in a cotton sundress, and I bet that she isn't wearing anything undermeath, that she's enjoying being about as naked at you can be out in a mundane public setting.

    2. I think that all of the time. And wish I was her.

  3. Great caption. I love how you wrote the thought process of the transformed into it.
    And a picture of Dita? Hey, what's left to say.

    About the hits and the comments, I can give you my reasons, I just don't know if it's representative.
    Between the Haven and R-L, my time is running short the last few weeks, and when reading blogs, a bit of old lurking habits came back as well. So, me not commenting much has nothing to do with the quality, frequency or subject of your posts and captions. Other blogs get less comments from me too at this time. I hope to get around soon and show proper appreciation to the creations I missed.

    I don't have specific look in mind for a woman to look hot. Although I like it a lot if what she wears is at least a little classy, and she wears it with confidence. But that's not restricted to the summer alone.

    AC/DC? well I guess I'll have a drink on you than, something non alcoholic please;)

  4. Fantastic caption, Dee! I loved the gradual mental transition. The finger nail detail was also a nice addition.