Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nice ... Jugs of Milk?!?

IT certainly DID a body good!

Made this one one the fly today for Linda Malone. I don't think I have ever made a caption for her, so this seemed like a good place to start! The main reason I did it ... she had commented on another caption I made earlier today. Sometimes it pays to be nice and comment!

I had this picture and story in mind, and looking over her preferences, it seemed to fit well, so I wrote it out in about 10 minutes or so. I didn't really do any editing at all, other than to check her prefs again when I was done and saw that she was from England! I had her being a Senator here in America, where pretty much every law is blocked by some sort of politician that gets money from lobbyists. I know that England works a bit differently than that, but I think it still works well to have Linda as a Parliament member. I also think they've banned many BMO already if not all of them!

And truth be told, I thought I had come up with another interesting way to change people's gender. There have already been tales told, though perhaps they aren't real, of guys growing breasts after going on a 2 week cruise ... eating a fuckton of chicken that had been given female hormones to grow quicker. You also hear about certain towns that due to pollution have had a higher incidence of females being born than males, at almost a 70-30 split. Anytime we can expand the boundaries of TG tropes, I am all for it!


Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend for those in the US, and for those who didn't .. hope you didn't miss ME too much! Due to my inactivity, I think this will be the first month I don't hit 100k in quite some time, but I have been increasing my followers, which is also a good thing. And since many of them came from Leeanne's site .. HELLO SISSIES! You damn well BETTER curtsy when I say hello to you!

Also, Belladonna has her latest story posted to Fictionmania HERE, and its based off a caption I made for her, which the original caption is posted HERE. I think it might be the first caption I made that was turned into a story, at least that I know about. Go check it out and rave about it (many people are giving it the "well, its not your best work, but its not bad!") so that perhaps she'll write something else that I created that was so vague that you could wrap a complete story around it!

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