Monday, June 3, 2013

Feeling the Burn .. Big Time!

Sometimes you have to outperform the competition!

Figured I would post an older caption today, as my GF just joined a gym, and I should be following suit in a few days. Wanted to get something fitness related, and this one will do just nicely!

This was made for Brandon, who if I am not mistaken is a bit of a gym rat, and also a possible professional wrestler or MMA person (at some point I thought they had posted something about this but I can stand to be corrected if anyone actually knows!) Anyway, after hearing so much about performance enhancing drugs like steroids and HGH, I knew that one of the ways to build muscle is to stack, which I guess means taking the steroids at certain times with other chemicals and workouts to maximize the results. Stacking sounds an awful lot like "STACKED" so it wasn't too hard to make a caption around it.

We also hear so much about women having a high tolerance for pain (specifically for child birth) so I used that as another element to make the plot seem all the more real. Since some of the drug masking agents are women's fertility drugs .. its not THAT far out there to make a caption about the effects that steroids and such have on a body.

I also like the source picture, as without a face, most people could picture themselves having a new body like that, even if you feel you should be a blonde or redhead. Hair colors CAN change you know! I'm not sure I'd want to be THAT well built as a female, but if the tits stayed the same after all those workouts, I don't think I'd mind too much! Perhaps just adding a snack or two would get that body a bit more rounded out!

How has this song NOT been a TG caption yet? Someone should take care of that, don't you think?

Bruins win again! 6-1 this time! Hopefully they can keep this up!


  1. Great cap Dee! I agree that having no face in the photo is a wonderful way to let other's put themselves in that place.

    I've never been one to work out. I've never shied away from working... just from working out at a gym. I've been thinking more and more about it and am considering it for the future.

    I hadn't heard that Winehouse song before, but I can see (hear?) the TG Cap potential. Plus all of her songs sound like really good porno music, so that's a plus!

    1. I liked "Rehab" quite a bit, but its her more obscure songs that need to be heard.

    2. If I ever catch her songs I'll always give it a good listen. My fave is actually "You Know I'm No Good". The whole slow back beat keeps me interested throughout the entire song. That and "Rehab" are the only two songs of hers that I own.

  2. I hope the gym works out (pun intended) can get a bit addictive though, its hard to believe the over weight 30+ ciggie a day guy I am was a gym rat 3 days a week and martial arts on the other days. just got so tired and stopped the lot... oh the flab the flab.

  3. Great caption. Somehow it made me think back of the early eighties, about Erika Mes. A female bodybuilder. Back then she's been world champion amateur twice, but quit the sport when it became dominated by steroids. That's really an impressive decision in my opinion.

    I did some workout in the past, liked doing it, but was never very fanatic. Mostly I did Cardiovascular fitness. Nowadays I'd rather take my bike than my car to get at least a little exercise.

    Lovely song from Amy. Still a shame, all that talent gone to waste.
    But as for captioning the song, it definitely has great potential. So I hope Dawn doesn't mind me saying this here, especially after the two magnificent Golden Earrings I received from her. But she's got a great caption offer going on at the Haven.