Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedding Fever .. Catch it!

Its not like your life depended on it or anything!

Made this one today while floating around the web and doing some online penny auctions. Nothing of note, though I did do some frontier justice on Dealdash. Some asshole was jump-bidding and hording all the seconds for himself and cutting us off before we could earn our time. I had a few hundred bids to play with and by this time I was going to "buy it now" for 50 bucks (restaurant gift card) so I just ran the fucker up 200 or so bids. I was trying to be nice and teach him something (if he let us get our time in, I'd do the same for him) but he never got it! If someone else bid, I let them go the full amount of clock, unless he jumped them, then I kept going too. Either he ran out of bids or figured that he spent too much and did a "buy it now" as well, but once he stopped, I stopped. I have a feeling that everyone was cheering when he finally left!

Anyway, this was just something I get back into the swing of captioning. Its been a busy week or two and I think I owe some people. It was initially going to be for someone, but I figured it would be too vague to give to any one person. Once I got that out of the way, it was just me having fun with my Haven persona as a gothy/witchy type gal. Muahahahahahaha!

If you haven't seen it yet, head back to Time is an Illusion, Lunchtime Doubly So! to check out something that an anonymous person wrote to the picture I supplied from my caption. It was good so I marked it up and included it in the post itself. I thought it cam out pretty well and it just goes to show that pictures have lots of different stories in them!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I'll do the same thing here. If you had this picture in your archives, what would YOU create as a TG storyline to go with it?


  1. Good thing for me that I'm a commitment-phobe. (woops, dropped it) ;)

  2. Another fun cap Dee! I'm not sure what I'd do with this cap. The only thing that comes to mind is making a joke about matching your heels to your clothes "Oh you were so close Clarice... but red heels do NOT go with a pink dress. Another week of school for you"

    Something along those lines.

    1. Now that you mention it, they look like they all traded heels with each other! Why they would DO that is really beyond me!


  3. If I were there I would be hiding behind all of them and not even giving it an effort. Loved this cap Dee. That is quite the prize for the winner. . . . . .And the losers. Now what happens to the other losers that are not chosen by the one who catches the bouquet? LOL! Great cap!

    xoxoxo Katie

  4. Ah lovely.
    The girl in the patterned dress looks like she wants to say: "Really galls? After all the fun we had tonight you still want to change back?"

    Auction sites can be fun. Usually people bid more than I'm willing to, and I leave the items alone where I can expect that. But I did get a sleigh ride with husky's and malamute's once, simply because there were on other bidders. That was cool. And the ride itself was awesome.
    But some people are willing to pay more for an item on an auction site, than it would cost them if they book something directly. THAT I'll never understand, especially if it's the opening bid.