Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If You Can't Lick 'em .. Lick Me!

Ahhh, the perils of Search Engine Optimization!

Made this one for Annabelle Raven as a homage to her captions that often involve family members being changed into women/girls. She had the picture in her trading folder, and it definitely had that vibe she uses so often. Whenever I see landscape photos, I try to make sure that I can do the "text on photo" style, as  text boxes don't work nearly as well when the picture spans the whole caption. The composition of the picture worked well though, as I got a few spots to lay down my text.

I didn't need that much space either, as I wanted it to be a slice of life for a somewhat newly transformed "Mom" and her "daughter" where much of everything they were experience was a "first" for them. In this case, it was a mother/daughter trip to the ice cream place .. which are finally open in my neck of the woods! Goddess I LOVE the smell of freshly made waffle cones!

The plot isn't anything exciting and new, but it does feel familiar. When things change, we always seem to want to compare the way it is against the way it used to be. I think it keeps us grounded and comforted too. They've both been changed, but they still have each other, even in a different body.

I could've went with Tom Waits but I'm definitely in a Diamond Dave mood tonight!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is that ONE thing that you wait through all Winter long .. that you can't WAIT to have or do again when the Spring or Summer arrives? For my daughter, its that first trip to this local ice cream place that makes everything fresh and home made, from the ice cream to the waffle cones. Their ginger ice cream is In-fucking-credible! I always feel like its really Spring when I can bust out a pair of sandals and people don't think its strange.


  1. Quite a conundrum it seems. to keep your girlish figure, you need to cut back on the ice cream. But, it to me, it seems like you need to eat the ice cream, to obtain a girlish figure in the first place!

    Now that gives me an idea for a cap...

    I've never eaten ice cream from a ice cream shop, but i would like to. As for what I look forward to every summer? Hmm, yard work i suppose. I enjoy doing house work, but it's good to get out in the cool air.

    1. So do you wear your maid outfit when cutting the grass too, or do you put on a nice sun dress and floppy hat?

      Then again, with the way the pool boy looks, I am not sure you'd be wearing anything if you had your way!

    2. I'd be the only nurse pulling weeds out of the yard if it's what the pool boy was into. ;) *giggle*

  2. I can't believe I forgot to throw my 2 cents in here!

    Really fun cap Dee. I imagine everything would be new again once you are transformed. I think you did a great job of utilizing the space provided. At first glance it seems obvious to have the text there, but when I imagine the raw image I can't see myself utilizing that space.

    The one thing that I can't wait for is grilling. My family will generally get the grill out in February at least once, and we have an annual 'Easter' Grill instead of a traditional ham dinner. But there isn't anything like grilling in the spring/summer/autumn. The warm weather, the blue skies, the birds singing, the dog chasing the squirrels, stoking the fire while sipping on a cool tasty beverage... it all adds up to a really fun special time.

    For almost everything else I prefer cold weather. I like a nip in the air and needed to wear a jacket or a coat, but grilling out makes summer bearable!

  3. Great cap.
    Ooh, ice cream, when I was a kid, my father used to take me to an Italian ice cream place in another town. At that time and place it was pretty special if a place had more than five flavours of ice. They had about forty. We used to chose the first ten flavours, and when we were done, the next ten, sometimes we had all flavours.
    Unfortunately, the original owner went back to Italy, and after that the place went down hill rapidly, and closed.
    While it isn't something I can do anymore, thank you for a very dear memory.

    It's probably no surprise to you, that you make me happy with Eddie and Alex;)