Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nothing A Little Lemon Juice Can't Fix!

... or is it Pickle Juice?

Yeah, I referenced Judy Blume! When I was young, I had this weird feeling that if you read a Judy Blume book as a boy, that somehow you would turn into a girl. Wishful thinking I'm sure, but back in third grade, those books were for GIRLS ONLY and they guarded them, teachers would lend them out to GIRLS ONLY, and goddess forbid one of us boys would even grab one, cuz it was for GIRLS ONLY!! It sort of reminds me of the South Park episode where the boys think that the little "who you are going to marry" thing was some sort of magical girl implement that could decide the future of all of mankind so Butters had to dress up like a girl named, "Margorine"pronounced, "Mar-jor-reen".

Anyway, women tend to be collectors too, but not the same sort of thing that guys usually collect. Its usually knick-knacks, jewelry, dolls, etc .. I saw the picture online and thought it was a perfect look for Wendy, who does like to have red hair, and it intrigued me to see her in front of a bunch of periodical storage boxes. Perhaps this photo was taken in a library or something like that, but its not often you SEE a picture like this. I thought about a girl collecting some sort of magazine, like a guy would collect Playboy magazines. I realize that most people store their comic books in mylar bags with backing boards and these containers are for catalogs or other printed material with a strong spine ... but really you should just relax as Joel and Mike sang on MST3k. Its just a caption!

Long story somewhat long, somewhere while writing this I came up with the idea of her losing a freckle each time she got one of my issues of Cosmo back. When they were all gone, she could become a guy again. I think its fairly original, and I wonder if I had the story of "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne subconsciously running through my head when writing this.

I most likely will not be posting tomorrow. The GF has the day off, I am working but she is meeting me for lunch. Then when I get home, I'll be installing an Air Conditioner, then we will be off to an awards' banquet where my daughter gets a varsity letter! Whoo! Its probably a 15 percent chance I'll have something up on Monday, but you just never know! More likely I might have time to visit a few TG blogs and perhaps make a few comments and catch up on others work I've missed. I also might answer some comments on here that I've been meaning to make.

I do have more captions on the way, including a blog exclusive for Leeanne that I wrote specifically for her. A picture I found gave me a storyline that she starred in that I think she'll like. More details to follow later on this week! Toodles!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did you have any thoughts like I did with the Judy Blume books back when you were young? That if you did something, you'd turn into a girl, or a werewolf, or whatever your weird child's mind could imagine? What was it that would trigger the change?


  1. Fun cap Dee! I never thought of removing freckles as a built in counter to see how close you are to returning to manhood!

    I read a few Judy Blume's Superfudge books as a child... but I was a little old to really enjoy them and quickly move don to other books.

    I never had any thoughts of something changing me as a child. But then again my brother and I had huge imaginations that we'd focus into games, leaving our 'regular' lives fairly dull and boring.

  2. Cool caption, as ever! It's a lovely image and a clever take on the story.

    Judy Blume was girl only? Well I never!

    It explains quite a lot. We had a teacher in primary school, I was about seven, and she was obsessed with her as an author. I always wished that we'd read enough of 'Bill's New Frock' or whatever the title was for me to get beyond the premise and read a bit more of it. Yes, even at the age of seven I was sufficiently interested in the concept of cross-dressing to want to hear more. We never did. Nor did we read Flour Babies, as we were threatened with. I forget what we ended up with in the end.

    I was fairly obsessed with changing stuff and females as a child. I never really focussed on what caused the change but I was also very interested in what would happen after such a change - how would one cope? Would others notice? How would that change how one coped? How important were names?

    Triggers for the change would be limited to fairly broad and vague ideas like 'other girls made it happen' or 'I woke up that way' or 'unexplained change'. When I was old enough I made out like I was being clever and aping 'Metamorphosis' but, in truth, I just lacked the imagination.

    1. Well, I assume it was mostly due to the "Are You There God, Its Me, Margaret" which had a girl getting her period. Not something teachers wanted boys to read in the fourth grade or so. I guess keeping up away from all Of Judy Blume was a small price to pay to keep us from being exposed to something slightly taboo.

  3. Sweet and funny caption. It reminds me of the captions Steffimariechen used to make, and I hope will once again. And it's not only because of the cute redhead, but the story as well, however the idea with the freckles makes it a real Dee.

    I'm not familiar with Judy Blume, I checked to see if any of her titles were translated, at a younger age I would have needed that, but none of the titles that were, ring a bell. I do know that several of the books aimed at girls, my sisters had, I read as well. It never was a real issue when I grew up.

    I remember putting on a towel, like a cape, pretending I could fly. Well lets just say it's a miracle I never had any serious injuries because of that, taken in account that I was very reckless at times. But when I had to go to bed it wasn't uncommon I had something from one of my sisters with me, hoping I would wake up a girl.

    1. Yeah, hopefully Steffimarie/Britney will come back again and make some new captions, but even more, I hope she is doing OK. She hasn't been around for awhile from what I've seen though hopefully she's at least still creating for herself, if not for public consumption.

      Make sure you carry your towel with you on May 25th, which is Towel Day, in honor of the work of Douglas Adams.You never know when you might come across a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

  4. Why on earth would I want to get rid of my freckles??? Really, they're just too cute. :) Jenna