Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Look .. Its so TINY! 400th Post!

Well, duh! Its magic ya know!

Made this one for Vancouverite a few years ago, and its nice to see that she is going to make captions again. She likes slightly odd and geeky captions, so when I had the picture, the "punch line" immediately came into my head and knew that it'd be a good one for her. As I said at the time:
You usually like quirky captions, and I think that this one would definitely qualify. You are definitely hot! I went with option THREE in your preferences (I think magic tricks are geeky enough right?), but other than the TINY nature. I still think you made out on the deal. Then again, how long was that contract for anyway?

No one messes with "The Great Souvlaki" and stays the same, NO ONE!
 I'm glad that she liked it. She is also interesting in that she is now one of the few people on the Haven that wants to receive F2F changes. I know that EMMA on Fictionmania writes stories in that vein where the protagonist changes from one woman to another (usually downward on the social scale) and I think that Melina is now looking for captions in that vein as well .. but it IS pretty rare to see much of that in the TG scene. I think I've posted one of those here before, well actually I haven't so here it is below:

It was actually kind of fun to create. I think that Petra had summed it up nicely:

Dee, only you could put that little touch of humor into a "captured in a dungeon" cap like this. Great work.
I actually take that as a compliment. I think that there is humor everywhere if you just look for it a bit. For comedians, Louie CK seems to be the best at it in 2013, but others like Robert Schimmel have done so too! Laughter can help diffuse a tough situation.

So if you are looking for a little bit different caption trade challenge, I invite you to check out her folder in the trading area, just freshly moved up to the 3rd folder from the inactive slot. Here is her latest trading preference:
I'm back and looking to trade caps with someone who would be interested in doing a personalized You Make the Call scenario for me.  What Can Your Boobs Do For You is a good example of a "You Make the Call" scenario that I like (it's more descriptive than most of the other "You Make the Call" scenarios, which is a plus, and I love the subject matter).

Why "You Make the Call"?
I love the idea of having to make a difficult choice where I have to consider the pros and cons.
I like her thought process and the little twists she likes to see that sets her apart from the normal TG captions, as if you could call any TG captions NORMAL! Anyway, WOOHOO to Jeff/Candy!

And speaking of WOOHOO! Bruins pull off another come from behind win! Kick Ass Game!

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you know of any blogs that do captions dealing more with F2F or other transformational genres? I am always looking for new things to look at. I know I'm not into giantess/shrinking other than the whole guy was a linebacker and is now a foot shorter and tiny. Figured I would find some new sites through this CROWD SOURCING capability that I have here! I don't mind things like attribute switching or even human to animal. I figure that maybe I can expand my horizons and find some new haunts!


  1. As far as answering the F2F, tehswitcher does a pretty even number of both F2F and M2F and some 'body-modification' things. Also, I like tiny/shrinking and could never explain why... I also can't explain much else, and find I am happy in a state-of-being.

  2. Happy 400th Dee. Hope the next 400 are just as much fun.

  3. Fun cap Dee! Although I personally like tiny hats on women!

    I've read both caps and stories that involved F2F switches and I can't say that I'm a fan. Some were wonderfully written and designed, but they just don't strike a cord within me. The same holds true for most other transformations outside of M2F, so I'm afraid I have no place to direct you.

    OH, and I absolutly love your music selection. Although I was a fan of the song before, I now can't hear 'Song 2' without thinking of the BMW Film "The Hire: Star"


    WooHoo Indeed!

  4. A great caption as always. Thought you might have had a little something in memory of
    Ray Manzarek from the doors, have been meet by blank looks all day Ray who? shame on them.

  5. Don't think i've seen any Female to female blogs. I have seen some Female bondage blogs, even a blog dedicated to female superheros in peril. I used to chat with a couple of people that liked either strange tf's, (man to lizard woman, spider woman, etc.) and one friend that enjoyed just the transformation, man to woman or woman to woman, But I haven't seen them around in a loooong time.

    congrats on the 400th post!

  6. Two great captions. The great Souvlaki, LOL, great name indeed.
    A celebration done in style. Congratulations on you 400th post.
    Mmm, I believe I was hearing a little piece of Wagners "die Walküre" in the link Caitlyn provided, please correct me if I'm wrong, as my knowledge of opera is limited.

  7. Happy 400th

    I'm beginning to like f2f captions more. I love attribute switching and role exchanger stuff. I've read some of Emma's work too and really enjoy it.