Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Much Better Job Fit for James

If it doesn't work out there, she can get a job at the Hairy Clam Shack!

Whipped this one up for Wraithstrike tonight after another busy day. I hate being in caption debt and I found this picture that I thought would make a great caption! I get to feature some nudity but its still relatively tasteful. In viewing the thumbnail, you might not even notice she's not wearing underwear.

Went to 4 stores looking for some sort of sandals for work that looked good and weren't too expensive. Its hard to find a pair in black so I had to go with brown. Also snagged a decent pair of black slide type "flip flops" that I might be able to sneak into work occasionally when its an extremely casual day. I hate wearing socks and/or regular shoes in the summer as my feet sweat WAY too much. Maybe I'll get a pedicure to celebrate my toes being exposed for the rest of the spring!

I'm skipping a song that relates to the caption .. the guitar player I mentioned in the past that got me into bands like Sparks and Magazine, etc .. is in the ICU right now for a lung infection and they are not sure he's going to make it. He's been too sick to receive chemo and has a temp of 102. The good news is he's off the ventilator but still using an oxygen mask. If anyone has seen any videos of Damien playing bass, its this guys Rickenbacker I was playing. Made me feel like I was Lemmy Kilmister wandering around stage with a 40 pound instrument of destruction! So these song selections are a long distance dedication to him.

We used to jam this song all the time. Lots of fun to sing along! YOU DRIVE ME APE!

Another one we'd do in rehearsals. Never did it live though.

These guys should've been way more famous than they were.

I'm so glad he opened me to a whole world of music from the 1970's and early 1980's I'd never have known about otherwise. I didn't realize he is 20 years older than I am, but it didn't matter then nor now. Mentors are just that, and he taught me that noise for noise sake WAS still art if you wanted it to be.


  1. What a good and clever solution! Would boost morale, I'm sure. All H.R. departments could use you as a consultant.

  2. Fun cap Dee! You're right, I didn't notice that she wasn't wearing underwear until I saw the cap full size. I wonder though if that's because I didn't 'see' it, or if I just didn't expect to see that in a Dee cap.

    Sandals? Flip Flops? Ick. I've never been a foot person and in fact don't like seeing bare feet (especially my own!). I think that may be part of my enjoyment of sexy heels on women... not only does it cover up their feet, but enhances their beauty.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he he's getting good care and that he makes a full recovery. While none of the songs you shared are my cup of tea, I have great respect for anybody that has a passion for music, and it sounds like he not only did have that passion but that he shared it by both playing and by getting you interested in some different bands. It seems so common today for people to simply like the music they like and never take the time to open themselves up to new things, and that's just a shame.

    He was most certainly right in that noise for noise's sake IS art. I won't be bopping my head to any of these song but I can still respect them for the art they possess!

  3. A lovely cap, with a girl smiling with two pairs of lips.

    I'm also sorry to hear about your friend, and hope he recovers.

    As someone who does appreciate this music, I can only say, you made some fine choices.
    I heard the song from the Tubes first in the German version "TV-Glotzer", by Nina Hagen, and only now I realize that the lyrics in English and German aren't the same.