Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lacy's Discovery! .. and Happy Mother's Day!

Wake up .. Little Lacy .. WAKE UP!

Made this caption at the beginning of April for a relative newbie in captioning .. lacysliplover. She had a set of preferences that were hard for me to get a grip on .. and if I remembered why .. I would probably post them! I probably SHOULD look at them because I owe her another caption now!

Anyway, this caption did fit her preferences and I'm quite proud of it since its a tad bit different than many of my captions. I didn't think that this was a punishment in any way, and even more, that the wife is obviously doing this out of love, plus it shows that she's been playing with him for quite some time! I stressed in a PS "don't consider this a punishment. More like an enlightenment for the husband who is now literally waking up to a new set of parameters of what their marriage could be, and what he'd been missing out on!" and the first comment on post was, "Now THAT'S an effective use of Hypnosis as punishment." Guess I didn't stress that quite enough!

I'd had that picture for a LONG time in my archives. Honestly, I think its from 2005. For some reason, it feels like it a softer focus than the newer pictures that are out on the internet. It also ties in really well with the gradient background to the point where everything feels really integrated like everything was made to fit together.

Sorry I haven't been around much, either here or on the Haven, and that's been a bit by design. I really needed to take a few nights and devote them to myself and my family. My mom passed away many years ago, so being with friends and family around Mother's Day is something I like to do. We had a dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant on Friday night, and today was spent hanging out with my daughter and my girlfriend, including going through all the closets to put away the winter clothing and bust out the summer stuff! Tomorrow we'll be hanging out with my Memere on my dad's side and you take all the time you can when both your grandmothers are close to 90 years old. One will hopefully be up from Florida in June, but I'll give her a yell on the phone at noon tomorrow. So if you've made me something on the  Haven or wrote me, I probably won't get back to you until after this weekend is over .. as I STILL have to throw in the AC units because it rained most of today!

My mom was a big fan of this song, and it sort of fits in with the topic, so what the hell!

She was a big fan of Barbara Mandrell, and another song about sleeping!

.. and her favorite pop band when she was growing up! I am going to see if I can snag tickets to their 2013 tour. What a great catalog of music they have and so talented!

Hope you and yours have a safe and joyous Mother's Day everyone!


  1. When I use an alarm to wake up, I use one on my iPad and Daydream Believer is the song I use to wake myself. I love it! Love the other two songs you highlighted as well. I sometimes think I enjoy the songs you pick for your captions as much as the captions Dee. Happy Mother's Day.



    1. Had a feeling that you'd like this caption!

      I don't mind people enjoying the songs at all. I was a DJ when I was out of college, and would use to do lots of "what do these 3 songs have in common?" and when hanging out with friends, I'd try to make music segues from one song to the next that would make sense as well, forming a chain, even though the songs had no musical genre connection to them. I could usually do about 20-25 songs before I would stretch the premise "but Celine Dion is Canadian, and so is Rush!"

      Glad you did like these selections. I inherited the love for the Monkees (and wish I could afford the tickets. Cheapest I'm seeing is like 100 bucks a seat for balcony seats!!) and I can remember listening to Barbara Mandrell on an 8 track player in the car when the family used to drive down to Florida on vacation when I was a child.

      Happy Mother's Day Leeanne!

  2. This is a really good hypnosis story. Hypnosis is a good sub-genre anyway, I find. I like the way you have kind of a shared consciousness in the feminized person. Do you write possession stories with that feature as well?