Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Fire Down Below!

Its burning bright, can't you see?!?

Made this caption for Wendygirl, a relative newbie at the Haven. Its always fun to play around a bit with the mythology of creatures that have been around for centuries, and I thought I could do that here and see if I can expand them in some small part. In a way, its related to my caption from last month, "Nothing Like the Power of the Pussy" and some other captions I've made throughout the years. Man has always been fascinated with power, and harnessing it to its most efficient needs.

Anyway, I don't think I've done any irreparable harm to the mythos of vampires, unlike those bastards that made vampires sparkle or able to procreate baby vampires. I used to fall on the side of hating FAST zombies, but it does add a bit of dread to a good "hordes of the undead" flick. I have nothing against a Dracula scene where the good guy shoots vampires with a super-soaker filled with holy water if its clever. I guess that is the main thing for me.

One of my favorite songs of the last year or so.

Congrats Simone! Welcome to the team!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Of all the relatives or friends that you have, which one would most likely be understanding of your interest in TG? How open in general would all those friends and relatives be if you came out to whichever degree you are into it with them?


  1. my sibling might be tolerant and could handle it easiest. I wouldn't say anything to anyone else. And for me it would purely be about the aspect of showing my blog and what's been created there. I wouldn't feel comfortable beyond that.

    1. Its tough making captions for many years and being proud of your standing among other captioners, and yet you can't really share that "success" with others in your real life.

  2. Great cap Dee. The photo you selected has an incredibly vampric quality to it while not having the classic teeth. I'm on the fence when it comes to playing around with vampire and other classic monster mythologies. On the one hand I like someone that takes an established idea and remakes it for an entirely new generation... on the other hand I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the sparkly vampires. With zombies in particular I really enjoy the classic slow ones as opposed to the soccer fan zombies in some newer films. There is just something horrifying about being overrun by slow moving easily killed monsters. I'm particularly glad that "The Walking Dead" has made them cool again.

    As to your question, I think my two closest friends would be the most understanding of my interest in TG. My family is fairly closed minded and it's difficult to introduce something outside of their current circle of understanding. My friends on the other hand are very open to new things. Even if it's something they don't particularly like, they're open to talking about it and exploring it or the sake of exploring something new.

    The biggest problem I could foresee with 'coming out' to them is that they don't like leaving things undecided... and I'm not particularly sure where I stand on the subject myself. Sure, I'm comfortable calling myself a fan and even admitting that I participate in creating art and roleplaying in this environment, but I'm still not 100% sure that I don't want to explore it further in a more personal way. Coming out to them would practicaly demand that I firm up my own position. If I did come out to them I wouldn't hold anything back... I would be completely open with them.

  3. Great cap! You bring out the erotic layer from the vampire tales with this in a humorous way. Mmm, I should watch "Lesbian Vampire Killers" and "From Dusk till Dawn" better yet, the old "Hammer" horror movies again. No sparkly vampires there.
    As for zombie movies, I had a bit of a gross experience once, which ruined it for me to enjoy any zombie movie since, fast or slow. But I won't go into that any further.
    A new spin on old tales can be good. Currently I enjoy the series "Once upon a time" very much which gives a nice spin on old and newer fairytales, by placing the characters of those stories in modern day America. The graphic novel "Fables: legends in exile" from 2002 deals with the same subject.

    Ah, I can always count on your musical taste, I really notice how little I actually follow music nowadays, and would miss out on some great stuff without you.

    I'll pass on your discussion question, it's something I've been asking myself about as long as I can remember, and the last few months more than ever. At this moment it hit's to close to home to be comfortable for me. But that aside, it's a very good question, and I do hope I'll get to the point I'm comfortable answering it.