Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Nailed!

He's in WAY over her head!

Just a quick posting tonight. I had planned on making a fairly significant posting tonight, but really ended up with no time. Daughter needed to pick up a prom dress tonight, and since its only like 3 weeks until prom, they were pretty damn cheap if I do say so myself. Just took us awhile to find the right dress that fit her comfortably, and would be able to be altered for length (she's fun sized! aka about 5'1") since we didn't need to match her date (she's going with a friend who had bought 2 tickets and then broke up with her boyfriend) and the dress she wanted was white anyway, which goes with anything the other girl was wearing.

This is the dress she'll be wearing to prom.
Now we have to find some heels that will match!

Anyway, on that note, I should be back tomorrow or Wednesday with another caption. Hope this posting finds everyone happy, healthy and safe!

Found this posting talking about some of the best prom songs of all time. I guess it depends on when you went to school. When I think about high school films, I think of The Breakfast Club, though I guess any of the John Hughes teen movies evoke that typical 80's vibe. Considering that the prom I went to had, I think as I don't really remember, "End of the Road" by Boys II Men. I wasn't particularly into pop music at that time so I was just happy they played a Nirvana song!

If I had my druthers, it'd have been this song that was put out that year, and a band that SHOULD be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which I might take about later this week,)


  1. I liked the caption and I think it was well done. But the whole time, I couldn't stop picturing this story, but with different images. Like a woman hammering in a nail, or one of those human block head circus acts. Though the human block head would probably turn a lot of people away. lol

    Duran Duran definitely should be in the hall of fame. Growing up, my mom would play a ton of songs that were either popular when I was little, or before I was even born, and duran duran was one of my favorites.

    Still are to this day and few bands can create a album where most of the songs on it, I'll actually listen to the whole way through. So why they aren't in the hall of fame already, I'll never know. They basically defined the 80's sound for me. You know, besides hair metal.

    1. I don't think that Duran Duran will get in until The Cure gets in. Ir is sort of how like Kiss wouldn't be able to get in until Alice Cooper got in since Alice supposedly influenced Kiss theatrically.

      And anyone that thinks that Duran Duran was just more of a "boy band" than anything, look up "Bass girls on film" or any of their songs and watch how intricate some of their playing was! They are another band I wasn't into until I was in my late teens/early 20's. Doesn't hurt that they are probably the GF's favorite band!

  2. Wow, her nails a little bit longer and "Nine inch nails" gets a total different meaning. Great caption.
    My favourite High school movie is Fast times at Ridgemont High, but the Breakfast Club is a close second.
    Funny thing, I recently saw the Breakfast Club again, and where I still think it's a great movie, my point of vieuw has shifted, and I have a lot more sympaty for Paul Gleason's part as Richard Vernon. I can see in Vernon a man who actually wants the best for his students, even if his students don't see it that way.
    John Hughes made a brilliant move with that.

    1. I feel the same way that you do about Breakfast Club, though when I was young, I tended to think of the janitor as the coolest character, and the one that was the most real. I was watching "Pump Up the Volume" about 2 months ago and was like, "jeez, his parents don't seem to be that bad. Just keep your freaky weirdness a bit more buried and you'll be fine!" That was when I realized I got old!

    2. "Pump Up the Volume" haven't thought about that movie in a long time.
      I should watch it again. I'm curious how I feel about the movie now.

      "That was when I realized I got old!"
      I got *that* feeling when I had to train some temps who must have been in diapers when I started at my current job. Nowadays I get to train people who weren't even born then. Usually I like to be kind to myself, and I say to myself: "I have matured, and grown as a person."