Sunday, March 24, 2013

What exactly does my neighbor DO for a living?

Maybe next time, Steven will mind his own business before he's running one of his own!

Yup, I sort of do wonder what some of the people in my apartment building DO for a living. I mean, on the floor below, there is a woman that lives there with a child, a dog, and apparently a guy that also doesn't seem to work, who is probably NOT the baby daddy. They always seem to have a nice car in the parking lot though. The person who was recently evicted was a drug dealer and I have no idea what the new person does, as he only seems to spend a few nights a month here. I really am a good neighbor though, because I NEVER hear anything bad and never seem to notice the blue lights flashing in our parking lot! I can't gossip about things I don't know!

Sometimes its the mellow but truthful music that hits the hardest.

They are about 90 seconds from fucking the hell out of each other! So direct and yet heartfelt. I think that might be the 1970's in a nutshell. If I ever get a time machine, I think I'd want to travel back to the that time to experience it first hand.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What decade of the 1900's would you like to travel back and experience first hand? For what reasons would you want to do it? If you wish to go even earlier, tell us why!


  1. First off, unbeknownst to way too many people, fuckin' Kris Kristofferson was a hell of a songwriter. He wrote some of the best songs that others made famous (or at least semi-famous to people who listen to a lot of music - as you obviously do Dee). And dang if I don't wonder what my neighbor does all too!!

    Freakin' snowin' in D.C. today!!!

    Nice post!



    1. Yeah, he's a member of the songwriters hall of fame, and has "Me and Bobby McGee" and my favorite, "Sunday Morning Coming Down" to his credits, along with the song I posted up above, "Help Me Make It Through the Night".

  2. What decade? In a captioning universe, I think I really like the 1940s & 50s, and after that would love to do 80s & 90s as an adult woman...

    As for the apartment... it was built in the 70s, and that actually means the wall insulation is much better. Have a friend who is in a brand new building by the same company: walls and ceilings are paper-thin.

    1. I'd do the 1970's because it was loud and free and wild. It was probably the last decade where people really dressed up to go out in "glad rags" as people are so informal now. Lots of sex going on and people mostly showered, unlike in the 1960's! Had some pretty good music in the 1970's too, with Punk, Disco, and Hard Rock. The 1980's would've been fun as a woman too, though way too many shoulder pads for my tastes. I wouldn't want to look like a linebacker if I was female!

  3. Dee, having Tom Waits here is almost good way to prevent me from commenting. I always love listening to him.
    I am one of the people who was not aware of Kris Kristoffersen being a songwriter. I knew he was a singer (which is a lot around here) but mostly I've known him from his acting. But knowing your taste, it is for me a safe thing to listen to more of his work. I have to say, it was time well spent. and not the last time either.

    Going back in time? I'd go to the roaring twenties. There was some awesome music created back then, and the dresses the lady's in those times, are dresses I can pull off wearing convincingly without having to try very hard. As for the seventies, sounds good to, I think I get my DVD box from the 2006 series "life on Mars" and play that again. Hey, I do have a time machine. I can't physically go anywhere, but sending my imagination on a journey is the next best thing.

    Lovely story, and I like the mixture of amazement and lust in the girls eyes. I must ask, did you mach the colour of the text to the girls nails, or vice versa?
    As for my neighbours, they are now retired, and I rarely hear or see anything weird.

    1. I wouldn't WANT to prevent you from commenting! Kris K. has done many things in his life, and some of them he was sober! LOL He's kind of an acquired taste as the voice isn't traditional, but its definitely emotional.

      Yes, I usually try to use colors in my background to try to tie everything together. When I was using more basic backgrounds (before I started using color gradients) I would try to tie the text color of each person speaking to something they were wearing, or hair color, or something else so that they were identifiable. Now I tend to use WHITE and YELLOW as they seem to show up the best against a multi-colored background without blending in too much.

      I really ahould be blogging more about things like this so that newbies can benefit from my experience. Any questions about creating captions that you'd like me to talk about Helena?

  4. I don't know about the drinking habits of mr. Kristofferson, but from your description it sounds like they were similar to those of Shane MacGowan. In his time with the Pogues they had to carry him on several occasions from the stage, . He also has a voice most people need to hear more often to appreciate. I can definitely say, they are among my most favourite bands.

    I did find a caption more visually appealing that way, so it's something I tried myself. I also discovered already, doing it the wrong way, makes a caption pretty much unreadable.
    For now I want to stay away from multi-coloured backgrounds. It needs some more skill than I currently have. I want to get a little more routine before I go ahead.

    I think it is a wonderful Idea if you blog more about how you create a caption. I read your workshops about writing on the Haven, they are good, short and to the point. So something like that is definitely in good hands with you.
    Actually, one question springs to mind. What is a good way to stay focussed on writing? I am easily distracted, and when I write on my computer, I use the device that distracts me most. I already started to write the stories the old fashioned way, pen and paper is helpful for me. But I find myself way to often doing something else than writing a story like I set out to do.
    If any other questions pop up, I will surely ask.