Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Understanding Girls/Boys Better!

Nothing a few girl's magazine can't fix .. or can it?

Its amazing how much of a teen's life is in misunderstanding a situation and then blowing up that situation even more until its a catastrophe of epic proportions .. until the next one that happens! Its like Three's Company in high school. Instead of asking questions of the actual person being pondered about, everything is sly and covert and "so-and-so heard from what's-his-face that he's going to do something in Gym class according to his cousin's tutor."

The girl's magazines are really the worst .. stuff like Seventeen and Glitter and the even younger skewed ones like Pop Star and Twist, and older ones like Teen Vogue and Cosmo Girl.

So anyway, I figured it was ripe for a quickie caption, which I made for Courtney Captisa and one of her minions, TeenClairebear. They have the TG Blog, Courtney's Clean Caps which deals mostly with teenybopper changes so I knew this would probably be up their alley. This will be a blog exclusive here, unless they wish to post it there, which I don't mind if they'd like to do so.

When you are thirteen and male, reading a Seventeen was like reading enemy plans in a way. THIS is how they think? Why DO they go to the bathroom all together and WHY do they need such a large friggin purse? It wouldn't have surprised me if there WAS some sort of fail safe involved that would turn a boy into a girl if he read the magazine .. it certainly MADE you feel more girly just perusing one for any length of time! It was that mood that I was hoping to convey in the caption.
The main issue I had with it was trying to get their names plugged in correctly. Technically, the way the caption is set up so that the initial conversation was them as boys .. then POOF the picture .. then they are now girls. I just didn't see a place to have them call each other the girl names in the 2nd part, AND I honestly am not sure what Claire prefers to have as a boy name, and Courtney doesn't have a preferred male name either so I just went with their female names, which no makes the point of change when they say the other person's female name, they are officially changed.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When you were 12-13 years old, what confused you the most about the opposite sex and why was it so baffling? It probably doesn't happen that much now, but it was much more pronounced 15-20 years ago.


  1. Were you a girl when you were a teenager Dee? If not, then I have to wonder how it is that you wrote this scene so PERFUCKINGFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've pretty much always been baffled by girls. But when I was a young teen, I could never understand what it took to get a girl to like you enough to talk to you. And the result was that I would simply never approach girls because of the old Charlie Brown theory for why he never told Peppermint Patty he liked her - "What? And have her laugh in my face?"



    1. Thanks for the compliment Leeanne, but having a daughter really helped out in probing the adolescent female mind and comprehending as best I can what thoughts seem to emanate from that brain matter.

      When I was young, it usually took the girls to ask me out, as I was NOT one for subtle clues at all. Pretty much had to wear a sign that said, "I would like to possibly have sexual relations with you!" for me to notice they were coming on to me .. luckily there were enough forward women out there to keep me busy!

  2. I hate to say it, but I was a little confused by the cap. On the first read, I thought this might be the first of a multipart cap where the older brother got changed by his younger sister and her friend. Only after reading your explanation did I get it. It's very cute though with a well used color scheme!

    I think what confused me the most at that age about girls was their ability to change. At one moment they can be just like any other friend wearing jeans and talking about music, and at the next they're giggling with the other girls, wearing skirts, and looking at me in a strange (yet intoxicating) way. I guess it's just a matter of girls generally maturing faster, and yet still wanting to keep that innocence where boys and girls were practically the same thing.

    1. I can see what you mean. I probably shouldn't talk about other people if I don't plan on using them much, but a "hunky brother" can be a source of tittering between two girls ... "but he's SOOOO fine!" I know that I had a few friends that had hot sisters or a MILF floating around the house that I would hope was wandering around in a bikini or nightie while I was there!

  3. Being a girl sucks sometimes, especially when we have to flip through pictures of overly-photoshopped girls in bikinis and see ads for pregnancy tests in magazines!

    Really liked this, required to use imagination a bit! I'm sure Claire is going to have a really good time with my brother!

    When I was 12, it was about 1996 and I just remember thinking a lot of how boys seemed to "date" the most stuck up bitches in school! (I'm assuming this hasn't changed)

    Also that Madonna Vogue performance is one of my favorites!

  4. Great cap, was a bit of a surprise to be in it (A good one though) As for when I was 12 I'm afraid I was far too busy playing pokemon to bother with girls :s....Oh and boy names Claire=Callum, Courtney= Calvin (Cause she has the hots for Calvin Harris :D