Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maybe Sometime Tomorrow?

Or maybe sometime next month?

Made this quickie for Annabelle Raven. Had this picture saved for no one in particular, but when I saw it again, I thought it would work well for her, as Annabelle can be quite elegant! I think its a great example of "a moment in time" as we don't really know how or why he was changed, and we have no idea if he will be turned back into a male.

The person that changed him is also unidentified ... it could've been a girlfriend, mother, guy friend that was sick of him stealing potential dates .. but someone who obviously cared for Evan somehow and felt remorse. The fact that they did does intrigue me, as we often see the vengeance and its after effects, but the feelings of the person that possibly acted with haste and anger before thinking.

Also, Evan himself seems to have come to a realization that perhaps that person was right. Or perhaps Evan really *IS* a horn dog or opportunistic and using the situation to his advantage. Maybe its a case of making lemonade out of lemons or he found out he really does like being a woman.

Its all such a simple setup but makes you think ... well at least it makes ME think!

Clive Burr, the drummer on the first three Iron Maiden albums died the other day from the rigors of MS. He was a stabilizing force for the band, and the beginning drum beat was used by quite a few rappers in the early 80's. He left the band after the tour in 1982 due to health issues. Rest in peace Clive, UP THE IRONS!


  1. Excellent Dee. What a nice little turnabout. Sweet too.

    Kiss kiss,


  2. It is a lovely caption, And it can make me think about the consequences of the actions, done by me or to me.
    It's weird, but the same conversation about Clive Burr was held by some of my co-workers last friday. That is something to think about as well. But I am with you, Rest in peace Clive, UP THE IRONS!

  3. I really enjoyed it Dee. I just want to know who Evan was talking to and how is they are gonna respond to his new love interest. Great cap and great image. Very clever.

    xoxoxo Katie