Thursday, March 14, 2013

She's Definitely Not Sparkling! Blog Exclusive!

Sometimes you can only define yourself by what you are not.

Made this one as a blog exclusive, as I don't really think there is enough of a story behind it .. just something that I thought was amusing. Perhaps I will revisit this plot line for someone down the line, with more of an elaboration .. after I was done, I thought, "hey, that actually is a decent idea!"

I was thinking about ways to check to see if you were a vampire and garlic came to mind. Since I have a bag of Sriracha potato chips next to the desk, I remembered that they have an experimental flavor, "Chicken and Waffles" so there are lots of weird ass flavors of food out there. Garlic bubble gum just sounds like a dare food, and I think they had onion flavored gum as a novelty back in the days of the X-Ray Specs in the back of the comic books.

This is the type of caption you get when I don't owe any returns and just making captions for the fun of it, messing around and trying to amuse myself. I'm not particularly focused and I think it shows, though I do enjoy this on a purely "What the fuck?" level.

This song's lyrics are open to interpretation. I like the Vampire angle much more than the probable real meaning, of a guy that kills girls and stuffs their skin like a Mannequin display. The vampire angle is so much more romantic!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sooooo, if there were more panels to follow, what would happen? You can make it as silly, sexy, or whatever way you'd like to take it, but I'm curious as to what you would write! Would you do flashbacks, or pick up on the trail of her trying to find out what happened? Perhaps its a TG version of Kill Bill? Think of this as a writing exercise if you want, and a way to stretch your creative TG muscles. I have an idea, but I'll let everyone else go first so I don't influence your plot lines.


  1. Fun cap Dee! Garlic flavored gum makes me think of those oddly flavored jelly beans. Barf, Skunk Spray, Rotten Egg, and Centipede come to mind ( Or the Jones Soda Thanksgiving drinks (Brussels sprout, wild herb stuffing, and turkey and gravy sodas).

    So... garlic bubble gum wouldn't be TOO odd, and certainly not outside the realms of real candy.

    I remember really enjoying Possum Kingdom... and it scaring the hell out of me one night. It was pitch black and I had just spent the night watching scary movies when I turned off the TV and turned on some music. I didn't realize that the right speaker was broken. I saw that a song was playing, so I kept turning up the volume more and more and more until that creepy voice pratcially screamed "Make up your mind!" out of the left speaker. Give it a try... the guitar intro is entirely in the right channel.

    Anywho... I think if I were going to continue this cap, I'd have her making sure she wasn't other monster types. A scene where she gets silver piercings to make sure she isn't a werewolf, or looking at herself in the mirror to make sure she isn't a ghost. I'm sure that there could be a dozen or so tests (and therefore panels) that could go through.

    1. I like your idea a lot and it wasn't what I had come up with.

      Most songs nowadays are compressed to hell and sound almost the same in both channels. Its jarring to hear newer songs with earbuds then listen to something by the Doors where there are things going on in one ear that have aren't in the other .. for instance the organ solos are in the right ear and the guitar is in the left.

    2. The absolute best song for listening to with earbuds is "Moving in Stereo" by The Cars. :)

    3. I agree with Caitlyn, it is indeed a fun cap.
      At first nothing came to mind for a continuation of the cap. You yourself gave some good directions for a follow up, and I like Caitlyn's Idea as well.
      That was until I came across a new product we have over here, when doing groceries: Heks'nkaas. It would translate as Witch's cheese. It is a cheese spread, containing garlic amongst other things.
      Because of the name, I started thinking, maybe she was a warlock before, and the garlic bubblegum was a self created product meant as a protection to become a vampire. But not being able to test it, he became a woman when he was bitten, and lost his memories (temporary?). She finds out she has magical powers, and thinks she's a witch.
      To me, the girl in the picture has something wiccan about her.

      Somehow Caitlyn, I have a feeling you were not in the mood for a walk around the lake that night. These things are hilarious if they happen to someone else. I'm sorry, but you did gave me a good laugh with your story.

    4. OH no... I was in no mood for a walk around anything. I was in the mood to turn on all the lights, double check under the bed and in the closet, then go to sleep!