Thursday, March 28, 2013

.. for a Havenette to be named later!

Sometimes deals just fall through at the last moment!

Not sure if anyone out there are NHL Hockey fans, but last night EVERYONE thought that Jerome Iginla was going to be traded to the Boston Bruins, my favorite team. That EVERYONE included the General Manager, Team President, and most of the Bruins themselves. Around 2 AM this morning, it was announced that he had instead been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, a rival to my beloved team. Apparently, there was a no-trade clause so the Calgary Flames felt that he should get to choose which team he wanted to be traded to, and that team WASN'T the Bruins.

Needless to say, the whole city is in an uproar, along with most of New England. I figured that I might as well try to have some fun with it and hopefully take my anger and change it to mirth. Well, it SORT of worked out, as I enjoyed making this little caption. I'm hoping that Kyra Hyde will enjoy it too. The idea of us trading protege / subs is intriguing and now I can't wait to start up a Yahoo TG Captions Fantasy League! There is some good talent in the later rounds!

Piggybacking on yesterday's discussion question .. and GO THERE if you haven't answered yet! Here is one based off the last one.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Out of you and your friends, which person would most likely take to becoming the opposite sex the fastest? Who would have the hardest time? How would it change the dynamic of your circle of friends? If it makes it easier for you, if they are married, their spouse would become the opposite sex as well.


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    1. OK. so that answers the 1st question! Are you "out" to your friends or just the wife and perhaps a confidant or two? Figured I would ask about it and how it affects your interactions with them.

  2. Oooh, I've never been a goth girl before. I like the look ^_^ Thank you Dee. I'm sorry that I haven't been around too much.

    Out of my friends, I'd jump the fastest at the chance to change so I think I would adapt the best. That being said, I'm not sure who would adapt the worst or how the dynamic would change. I'm afraid I haven't had much time to hang with my friends lately and after moving out of state to be with my girlfriend, and then having a messy break up with said girlfriend, I'm not sure exactly how my circles of friends stand right now.

  3. Yes, I have an opening! And you'll get a free t-shirt like this one:

    Which basically answers the next question, though I must explain. For anyone who has seen Big Bang Theory, in it's earliest episode the test of Schrodinger's Cat in mentioned, in which a cat is placed inside a box to see how long it will live (Sorry Bren). Of course, the only way to know for sure is to open the box. In other words Dee, I'm not really sure which of my circle of friends would fair best as a woman. I would say I would, but the only way to know for sure is to open the box.

    And Kyra, the job pays in cupcakes, and I don't offer dental (which is contradictory I know).

    1. I love cupcakes! And I want that tshirt too, now that I know it exists ^_^

    2. Tsk Tsk Tak.... both realities existed. You KNEW the tshirt existed and at the same time you didn't know the tshirt existed. It's existence was only confirmed once you saw it. ;)

  4. So much goodness to discuss in such a short post Dee! First... great caption. I too think Kyra could be molded to fit any team, however I'm not sure the Angel games would give up the opportunity to have Kyra. Unless of course Kaitlyn (with a k) offered up a few Tshirts to sweeten the deal!

    I'm now picturing a head to head cap challenge. Four 'captains' pick out members of their team, and then select those members to go up against the other captain's members. Winner could be determined by popular vote, or we could get a selection committee to judge each cap based on rpi and national polls. Mid season trades could be made and the final would of course happen on Halloween (when all of our masks are on!).

    I really like the music selection as I adore TMBG and I've been stuck on Tubthumping for a long time. It was very popular when I moved to Chicago and it's chorus of "I get knocked, down but I get up again
    You're never gonna keep me down" was a personal credo of mine. Until I got knocked down and didn't get up again (i.e. moved back home).

    As for your discussion questions; I have a friend who would probably best take to becoming the opposite sex and do so quickly. He doesn't (at least to my knowlege) have any desire to be female, but he has taken every knock and bruise and used it for either profit or to better himself in some oddball yet highly effective manner. I can easily picture him becoming the TG/Sissy siren that many of us have written about, blackmailing others into his ring of newly created beauties. And yes his wife would follow the same pattern.... using her new masculine form to assist in any way she/he could. The hardest time? Well most of my friends are intellectually curious and take on change very well... so while I have a distinct friend who would handle it the 'best', I don't think any friend would have a particularly difficult time. Being married would actually help as both partners would be there to support the other through he change. And how would it affect the dynamic... well hunting trips would be a lot more fun as we spend the cold nights in a tent alone. I'm sure I could help keep her warm! Seriously though, I think it would bring our circle of friends closer as we all would help them accept their new identities.

    1. I loved the cover version because it definitely had that TMBG vibe to it and they did it close to the original but still made it their own. I think the office people made it more exciting as they were really getting into it!

  5. Lovely caption.
    I like Chumbawamba's version of the song better, but that's my taste. The song itself is great in both versions. And Caitlyn, as for the chorus being your personal credo, and a great one at that, you might not give up on it already, "never" isn't over yet, so chances are you will get up again. Even if things don't always seem that way.

    Dee, on your discussion question, my first impulse would be to say: Me. But after reading Kaitlyn's Schrödinger's T-shirt, I honestly don't know, as I have kept Helena hidden for the most part of my life, who is to say what my friends kept hidden from everyone else their whole life. Basically I don't know the answer to your question.

    1. Well, you may not know the answer, but it DID make you think for a bit!

    2. Helena,

      I had to give up that credo as I let 'Chicago' beat me down. At the end of my stay there the only reason I 'got up again' was to crawl away. Sure, overall in my life, I have gotten up and moved on but the goals I had in Chicago were knocked out of me and still lie there, moldering away in the gutter.

    3. Caitlyn,
      I regret hearing that, and I can only wish for you to find new goals, and hope for you, that you already did.

      indeed you did, to a point the dust came out of my ears from the braincells I never used before.