Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wanna Be a Sissy Maid?

Do you mind being a Sissy Maid? I'm almost done with a quickie caption. What I need is someone to be the star of it. Do you WANT to be a Sissy Maid?

Apply below. Or if you are too shy to mention why in public, you can PM me on the Haven. Tell me why YOU would be the best damn Sissy Maid for the job! If you win, you get to star in the caption. Everyone else can be sloppy seconds .. as in .. You'll be next in line for when I get another Sissy Maid caption idea.

I'll need your male name, and en femme name of course!


Can't believe that no one has applied yet .. and it seems so hard to get good help nowadays, even when the economy is in the shitter!

Anyway, someone Formspring'd me asking how to PM me in the Haven. Well, first off, you'd need to BE a member of Rachel's Haven to send me a PM. Its totally free, and has MANY opportunities for TG RPing and ummmmm THOUSANDS of captions .. in the trading area (where I do most of my work) and in the gallery, which has many peoples collections AND directories FILLED with captions originally posted in defunct Yahoo Groups or long dead websites. Sign up and you'll be having fun in no time!

If you already belong .. just find me on the Staff page and click onto my profile. From there, you'll see a section called "Additional Information". Click on "Send this member a personal message" and viola .. you can send me your write up!



  1. I would love to be a sissy maid! I grew up doing chores so I'm quite happy sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, doing the dishes and laundry (by hand if so desired). I'm a proficient cook and can make most recipes.

    Plus, I'm always willing to go the extra mile. I would be most eager to help Sir or Madam with dressing, undressing, bathing, making the bed, and of course providing these services to their guests as directed.

    Oh, but I don't do windows :p

    Male name's Keith, femme name Kyra

    1. I can say that's true, from what I have already employed her before :P

      No but really I cannot think of another like Kyra to do the part!

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I would love to be a sissy maid to wear such tight clothing and have the sweet smell on me at all times and having thr joy of cleaning for you would be a wet dream come true and I would do anything to be your sissy maid. Male name is Adam but you can call me what ever you wish I am your maid after all ;) I would clean everything from toilets to sweeping & mopping to even the mirrors I would do it all just for you

  3. My femme name is either eva or allison

  4. my male name is denis, I would love to be a sissy maid :), I am laso known as Jelena, sissy slut, I am here to serve and to be used

  5. Looks like we got ourselves some candidates!

    I will be reviewing our candidates and have something whipped up over the next week.

    Glad to see some people stepping up to the plate!


  6. Am I too late?

    Despite being ditsy and bad at time keeping I am fastidious and polite, I mean, I always curtsey for a superior. And I can follow instructions, I like instructions, really well. You want something so clean you can eat off it? I'll have it disinfected, swept and polished so much you'd *rather* eat off it than your plates!

    I can bring my own vaccuum cleaner, which is a crazy awesome one, and I'm always discreet - sometimes you won't even notice I'm there until I top up your drink.

    Please say I'm not too late!



  7. Hi there,

    Yikes, I don't do be a sissy maid! No way! Don't you know how super manly I am? I could never wiggle my ass sexily and a short frilly skirt to show off my panties to everybody and get them thinking about sex and fucking me silly. And it would suck if I could not help but do that! I am way to straight to be forced into a slutty outfit and giggle as I am man handled by all of your guests.

    But if I had to come up with an argument.....

    Nobody wants a sissy maid who does not put up a little fight at first. Just enough to convince you he might really not want to be there.... enough to evaporate pretty quickly teasing voices and groping hands start to remind me of just how much of a girly slutty maid I am.

    I can dust in hard to reach places, not the high ones, but the low ones that make me have to bend over at the waist and wiggle to balance on my new heels. Im very good at taking orders. If I dont follow one, you may just have gotten me hooked on those quick spanks you give out if im bad. Im good at helping people feel at home in their guest bedrooms. Ill only question you the first time when you well me to check if there is anything that needs a spit shine in your male guests pants.

    Eric to Erica or Emma please. Wait I mean please not! Yeah... thats the ticket.

    oh - and I do, do windows.

  8. Wow! So many candidates now (7 all together!) and definitely not enough captions for them all! Especially shocking since I didn't think that many sissies visited this blogm AND on the first overnight, I had no one offering!

    Sooooo, I have a bit of a quandry. I can start a list, and as I make sissy maid captions, just advance to the next one. That could take awhile, as I go where the muse takes me, and I COULD make a few then peter out. Another option is to do captions with more than one person in it. I think I will end up doing both of these ideas, so we shall see how that works out.

    I am heading out for the Mother's Eve celebration (why does that sound like a douche?) so I will be incommunicado. I think I am all set with future sissy maids so I thank all that have submitted their apps!

  9. i'd be honored to be your sissy. As a Maid and for any other house duties including servicing You and Your Guests. Thank You for the opportunity.


  10. Hi I want to be a sissy maid

  11. Im a guy that wants to be a sissy girl slave for free ill do anything that u want please help me

  12. Its a great time for women as so many men want to be their maids . As a male I embraced the idea and love it . I think men are naturally submissive . Take orders well and are very eager to please . Almost like a sister to the submissive female . A woman however is strong , forceful , demanding and enjoys getting her way . A perfect match . A sissy male will do most anything to keep Mistress from being cross
    Your house work better be done and you stockings better not have a run in them when Mistress walks through the door . Personally I prefer the strap on to the strap

  13. I want to be a sissy maid

  14. well its been a year I would like to be trained as a maid I am a janitor but my house is a mess I need good trainer I have no maid outfits
    david/ Diana /katharine