Sunday, May 13, 2012

Future Doctorate or Motherhood ... Happy Mother's Day

Wanted to wish all those who would LOVE the opportunity to become a mommy .. a Happy Mother's Day! Dad's get the short shrift usually when it comes to the holiday to celebrate. I mean, mom just carried you for nine months inside her body, then nursed you .. pretty much destroying all the youth and beauty she once had. Dads take out the trash, squish bugs, climb on the roof to retrieve balls, and are the butt of jokes involving the kids whacking him accidentally in the balls. All in all, I think they should be treated equally! If that means making Dad a mom for the day, so be it!

Anyway, this caption (titled "future doctorate or motherhood?") was written a few years back for BimboJessica, who was/is a dear friend. 
I really miss you Jessica .. I really want Andy to finish up the projects he's working on so we can have some more fun!!!

Anyway, I wanted to give you a wonderful Mother's Day caption cuz you totally deserve it!

Haven't you ever noticed that when you talk to your mom on the phone, what you say can be taken totally differently?

I did, and I'm passing the savings on to you!

Hope you enjoy!
That was the gist of the wordplay ... that all mothers of course want grandchildren. They end up speaking the same language though at different angles. Its why I really love the word play, where Jess is talking about school issues and Mom is referring to something totally different. Besides, doesn't everyone want to believe that Mommy's have special magic powers on Mother's Day?

Hope you celebrate your Mom's if they are still alive, and remember them close to your heart if they are no longer with us (like mine). Who knows? Perhaps one day you'll be the woman that would make her proud to be a Mom!

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  1. I love the wordplay here! I've always wanted to be a mother. Though I have to wonder what precedes this caption that would cause a Mom to trade her son's education for a daughter's unwed pregnancy