Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All Pop Songs Need a Hook!

Made this one a few months ago for Googs, who is a talented blues guitarist in real life. This is what I posted to his folder back in February:
Well, I can sort of blame this caption on a discussion I had with Lady Victoria a few weeks ago, along with my love of certain words in the English language that just make me chuckle. My daughter for instance, can't not laugh whenever she hears the word "shish kabob". I must say that another influence on this was Frank Drebin from Naked Gun.

Anyway, this is strictly a "having fun" caption, which was brought out in my little blog post about hitting 1 million page views. For me, the Haven is about two things above all others, the camaraderie with everyone here, and how much enjoyment and fun I get from this place. You are one of those people that makes this place fun, whether doing RP, captions, fantasy football, or just chatting from time to time.
Afew semi-famous alt rock type musicians have come out and stated that are transgender .. the most recent was Tom Gabel from Against Me! .. not to be confused with Rise Against! The media is rushing to report the news, because Hey! Its something different to talk about that doesn't involve Oprah, Lindey Lohan, or Beyonce. Does it surprise me that this is happening? Not really. Coming out as gay isn't nearly the big deal that it used to be. The subject matter is titilating and you'll get click through's from people who have never HEARD of the band .. and you can bet that Rolling Stone (who broke the story) will have brisk sales when the issue comes out on newsstands.

The lyrics in this song make it perfectly clear what he's been dealing with for many years.

I like Keith / Mina Caputo's work better as the singer for Life of Agony, which had a minor hit or two in the 90's and conitnues to tour. The great thing about her coming out is the real lack of "WTF"ness that you'd think would come from metalheads. The irony is that most of them aren't quite the meat-for-brains that most people think. Of course there are some Black Metal more-evil-than-thou types out there, but I can't recall too much bullshit being heaped upon Rob Halford when he came out.

The main thing I wanted to mention is that I don't find it odd that TG people inhabit the world of music. Lyrics are personal yet universal, and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve as a musical artist, and these two were the focal points of the band, musically and lyrically. Hopefully they can be trailblazers for others who have gender dysphoria, and raise awareness that they are everywhere.


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