Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sure You Wanna Give it Up to Me. Sissy?

Got some time off from work coming to me, a whole week actually, and the shitty part about that is getting next weeks preperations done so that when I return, I won't be swamped with stuff to do .. aka back to a normal keel. Not exactly sure how that will work, but I plan on coming in to pick up my paycheck next week at some point, and I can poke my head in to see how dreadful it will be to return, then maybe do a few things to lessen any future migranes! I wish I had a job where things got done when I wasn't around. That way I wouldn't have to think about work when I'm not here.

The above caption was written a number of years ago and never got a comment back from the person I made it for, which really steams my collar. Let me know you didn't like it, or explain what you would prefer. Tell me you thought it was ok but meh. Tell me you drooled all over yourself when you saw it! Something! Anything! Luckily a few others thought it was decent. Just another name to add to Dee's Shit List.

We all have our pissy moments. I've bitten my tongue over the years at the Haven, especially since I became an admin .. mostly because we are supposed to be gracious. You know, "let things roll off your back, they probably had a bad day, etc .." Luckily I have some friends like Simone that I can vent toward and know that they'll keep things quiet. Sometimes its so hard to rise above things that people direct at you: hate, misplaced anger, projected betrayals, etc .. when you actively WANT to respond. In the end though, you figure out that its not really worth the effort to feed another person's drama.

And hey, I'm not always innocent. I try to say what I mean, and mean what I say. When I'm wrong, I will admit my mistakes and move on, as long as people don't continue to bring them up and shove them in my face as something more than a mistake. Bitchiness implies nothing more than Bitchiness. Honestly!

But DON'T FUCK with my friends. Simple as that. Its like that at work and its like that on the Haven.

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Not sure how much I'll post over the long weekend, but I'm hoping to get some captioning in one on of my off days next week. I even hope to sit down and go through some people's blogs and find more new stuff! I can't wait to be creative!

and DON'T FUCK with my friends!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I added humiliation to the labels. I figured one of the worst things you could make a guy do is sissify him so much that he wouldn't be able to use his real sexual organ to please his mistress. Regardless of whether it was some sort of chemical, magical, or other method, its got to hurt their ego and imply inadequacy. What other humiliating things could Mistress do to Sissy Tiffany that would continue the humiliation and give that sense of hopelessness?


  1. I have to confess first of all, I have had a VERY similar story rolling around in my twisted little head for years... about a chastised sissy, screwed routinely for weeks or months with a strap-on... As a reward for particularly good service she tells him for his birthday, he will FINALLY get to screw HER. the fateful day arrives, and she doesn't even remove the chastity device, just straps the dildo on him over it, and shrugs, "What? What did you think I meant?? With that TINY thing? Don't be ridiculous!"

    Final scene would be the sissy crying in frustration and humiliation as his Mistress rides the fake dong to multiple orgasms, while he is restrained from even having an erection, let alone an orgasm :)

    Plenty of humiliation ideas come to mind....

    Being presented as a French Maid (or latex slut) to a new boyfriend, former girlfriend, family or coworkers. Particular fun if co-workers were female subordinates.

    Take the sissy with you to a bar/nightclub. Make him approach males that you find attractive, and ask if they would please screw you, because his dick is so tiny as to be useless.

    Being made to "fluff" or prepare a new boyfriend to screw your girlfriend/wife/Mistress.

    Being made to lick clean him, her or both after new boyfriend screws wife/girlfriend/Mistress.

    Forced to give a blowjob to new boyfriend when girlfriend/wife/Mistress is busy/out of town/not in the mood.

    Being made available for anal when the new boyfriend is "in the mood", because girlfriend/wife/Mistress is too much of a "lady" for such nonsense...

    Insist that the sissy THANK the stud who screws you in his place for giving you a "proper seeing-to"....

    Make him go to a sex shop and inquire after purchasing a male chastity device, making clear it has to be EXTRA-extra-small....

    Of course, there's all the old standbys.... Going to a public place like a mall for ear-piercing, belly-button piercing, lower back tattoo (tramp stamp), hairstyling, makeover.... Going into a lingerie store,pick put sexy panties, nightie, ask to try them on...

    I could go on... but something has "come up" :)

  2. Well I for one love the pic and caption.... Kinky Zee is was one of the best models around, I'm not sure just how much of a punishment it would be to be turning into looking like that! Great job.

  3. one of my favorite things to play with in terms of humiliation is the idea that I've given someone an out and they continue down their sissy path. Putting someone in a pleasurable or twisted situation where it's nearly impossible to make the "right" decision. In the end, you can always remind them that they "choose" to remain a sissy.

    "Oh, come meet little Dee-dee over here. See how pretty she is in her frilly dress? Well, I told her she didn't HAVE to wear it anymore, but she choose to wear it tonight. Her choice was to wear a dress. . ."

    "B-but Miss Simone! You sent all my boy clothes to the cleaners! I didn't have anything else to wear!"

    "Well, I told you that you didn't HVAE to wear a dress. You could have worn that lovely pantsuit I bought you OR even gone shopping again. . . it's not MY fault. I gave you an out. You weren't clever enough to see it."

  4. All the possibles that I could imagine have been well covered already for further humiliation. It's a solidly good cap, and the situation is exactly as you describe it. Not my 'bag' but the quality is still there with the shadowed text and a matching image to plotline so that they both do the talking. All in all, a qualitative piece of work!

    I feel for your work situation and can empathise. I hope you can put it to one side long enough to get some proper "you" time!

  5. I think Steffi and Simone have covered what I would like to see in humiliation. The biggest thing for me is just having to act like a woman all on my own. The choice between letting people I know, know its me under all that feminine wear, or go with it, sexually please co workers and friends, and pray that I fool them, so that they'll never know it was me.


    It's kind of Simone's "leaving an out" and Steffi's being presented to people I know all wrapped up into one. I think one thing not mentioned here directly, but hinted at is being dismissive of the sissy's quality work. Say the sissy gets his makeup just right, but not mentioning it, or even chiding him on the 'bad' job he did. Taking away pride in and of itself is humiliating. Another way to do that is by calling an average sized penis small and unworthy of women. It's especially powerful when the sissy is only presented with oversized male cocks making him believe that he truly is 'small'.