Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Survey says .. Nate the Quizmaster

A few years back, "quiz" type surveys were very big ... "Which cast member of Different Strokes are you?" and whatnot. It was bigger on Myspace, but there is a section of Rachel's Haven that had a ton of those posted. I wasn't a fan for one simple reason ... many newbies would try to get their 50 posts to see the gallery by posting a bunch of "I am 75 percent Mrs. Garrett" replies to the original quiz post and link, instead of making actual real posts.

Sammie however has posted quite a bit since she joined though so it wasn't a big deal AND she seemed to be the queen of the quiz surveys. I figured that instead of telling you what/who you are, there SHOULD be a site that makes you exactly what it wants you to be, especially if you lie!

I thought it was pretty good, but honestly, it probably won't age as well as many of my other captions. Its been over 3 years since I posted this, and I don't think these sites/apps are nearly as popular as they were. I wonder how many people will fondly remember Myspace 10 years from now? Probably less than those who are nostalgic about Geocities vanity websites in the late 1990's! I vaguely recall Pretty Sissy Dani's one there, though I think she might have had her own URL at some point.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I think we've done a variation of this before, but what TG or TF site do you miss the most? i know some of them are available in archive form, but which ones do you wish were still around and in their prime?

PS. I am not sure if I posted this one before. If I did, oh well!!

PPS: The irony in all this is that I just popped onto the Haven and the 2nd newest posting refers to a quiz. Perhaps I've been too quick to declare quizzes and surveys dead?!?


  1. I gotta say I'm a bit of a sucker for these personality this quizzes. I've tried sculpting my answers to game the system too.

    I definitely miss goldendawn's tg/tf games workshop site the most. That was the first site I really got involved in the community of, and my first real exposure to a lot of tg tf stuff.

  2. Funny cap! I've never been a fan of those personality quizzes as I figure it says as much about 'me' as being an Aquarius does.

    I really miss Crystal's Story Site. Sure it's still technically there, but the 'whats new' page hasn't been updated since 2009. I thought the stories posted there were far more satisfying than the glut of stories posted at fictionmania.

  3. I think i miss when Sapphire's Place was regularly updated. It has some of my TG serials as well as the George Martin captioned image stories. Some of my first TG readings.

  4. I still love quizzes and 'gaming' the results. It appeals to the part of me that is a frustrated Role Player and to my control freakery in that I get to control the outcome of the quiz. I never assume that the quiz is going to make any great reveal to me in those situations, though I like the concept of psychological surveys and learning new things about myself, alas, I game those too. My favourite for gauging my mood is political-compass, tells me if I'm angry or happy or feeling generous or not by how anarchistic and lefty I get.

    Sorry, got completely off-topic. I like the cap, I think it will age well actually and that quizzes, as a concept, will outlive MyFace and its ilk. Mind you, I came late to the social network party...

    I miss the old writing.com, stories.com where the TG stuff was harder to find, generally more qualitative and less swamped with vore, size change and generally poor writing (mind you, me joining probably accelerated that trend). And I remember Crystal's Story Site too, I assumed it was dead from about 2005, maybe I ought to go back.